Thursday, 8 January 2015

New Living Room Pictures and Jubal

 I put up some pictures in my living room recently.  And I LOVE them.  Plus I got a plant.  Lets see if my full sun Norfolk pine can survive in my dark cave of a living room.  I positioned it so it would get the ½ hour of light a day that manages to come through the window.
 Ah, my picture that I love.
A Boy Crouching on a Rock by Albert Edelfelt.
 And then I finally changed out my big picture.
 Elena wanted in.
 It's A Torrent in Norway by John Singer Sargent.  I just got the posters, but I'm going to seal them and then paint over them with matte paint filler whatever it is and make it look like they're actual paintings.  Right now it's just up on the back with duck tape.  Hee. Hee.

This is the picture I got off craigslist for the frame and then I just used glue spray and put my poster right over top of it--I took it out of the frame first.  The poppies matched well with the rest of the room--but blah...
 And Kayli, I finally put out your pouf from Morocco.  I'm just worried about the kids, but I love it, and hopefully I can keep them from killing it.
 It wasn't full enough yet, I've since remedied that.

And here's drool-face Jubal.  I got a sound talking to from Kayli and Mom about how I didn't post enough pictures of him.  So here you go.  He's adorable as always.  :)

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Andrea said...

I LOVE the boy on the rock pic. The other one isn't my style, but it looks fabulous over the piano. I love your mantel. When you come out this summer maybe you can help me figure out a cheap temporary solution to my decoration-less mantle.

What are the little things over the couch?