Monday, 19 January 2015

Happy January

 1. Things finally feel normal.  I'm so loving it.  I spent the week completely non-stressed and doing regular life things. Taught preschool on Friday. Elena and Ana had dentist appointments last week, Isabel and Sebastian have them today. Leo and I made it to the temple on Friday. I love life when it's calm like this.  Christmas is fun, but man was it stressful this year.  We went to a lot places this year.  We need to stay home more.
 2. Jubal is the cutest baby in the world.  These pictures prove that.
 4. I just changed Nicolas's stinky diaper, and now he is stinky again.  Excuse while I take a small break to change him.
 5. I'm back.  Friday night we also went and ate at our friends' the Smiths.  Their daughter was watching our kids while we went to the temple and then we didn't quite make the session we were aiming for and she had to babysit another family at 6, so her mom took our kids to her house.  Yeah, we're kind of lame, but it worked out to be really fun in the end.

6. Ana had her preseason games on Tues, Thurs, Fri, and Sat for the last two weeks.  She's been so busy.  I'm glad that's over.  Here's a link to her on the news. Dr. Jim Siebert is in our ward.  Anyway, she's at 2:35 briefly. 

7. I tried to get pictures of Sebastian and Nicolas in their church clothes yesterday too. It didn't go well.

I'll just cover my face so no one can see me.

A blanket will work even better for no one to see me.
And here's Sebastian squashing his brother.
Nicolas fighting back .

Sort of good. I guess.
And cheese.
Is it possible to stand straight and together?  Yes. Yes it is.

Notice Isabel photobombed all of these, because she wasn't really invited to be in the photos.
Back to Ana.

8. I AM going to finish the girls' quilts in the next two months.  Really.  That is my goal.  Also, I have absolutely no clue how much fabric to cut when making a quilt.  I probably have enough for at least one more twin and a baby quilt.  Maybe I should make those too and sell them on Etsy.  Or try to sell them.

9. When Leo bathes the kids.  Ha. HA.
10. I think I might take the kids to a castle today and take pictures of them in their Halloween costumes.  We'll see.
(From Facebook)
12. I just found my marathon!!!!! (i.e. motivation) Leo agreed to a canyoneering trip with me (NO KIDS!!!) this summer at Zion's if I meet my fitness goals. Sorry all my runner friends, I know I could never do what you do because running till my feet bleed does not motivate me; rappelling down a waterfall--now THAT is freaking AWESOME!
13. I'm celebrating like it's 1995! We just got a new radio for our van WITH a CD player!! I can't tell you how excited I am to NEVER listen to the radio again. I plan on playing Weezer for two weeks straight to ritually cleanse our speakers from songs like Why You have to be so rude (that was the last straw, I was singing that the other day and I can't stand it) and other annoying pop songs.  I LOVE MY HUSBAND!  

And that my friends, is the end. 

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