Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Fickle Fashion

After a lot of thought and much Pinterest searching I decided that of the last 210 years, if I could pick my top three decades to dress in it would be:

1. The 1950's. Duh.  Anyway who knows me well, knows this already.  But here's some gorgeous dresses so you can drool over them.

I just adore the hats and the fur and the suits and big poufy tea-length skirts and three quarter-length sleeves, and the polka-dots, and the florals patterns and chiffon.  If I could dress like this every day.  I seriously would.  Everyday. Did I mention the hats?

2. The 1870s.  Yes, not the 1860s with the Civil War hoops, no, no.  I much prefer the much more understated lobster-tail.  Yep.  

I love the timmer look these give (rather than the hoop skirts) yet they still are uber feminine with the amazing draping in the bustles, and a lot of them start being asymmetrical and doing more interesting things with their designs. Also cool hats, I just didn't look for pictures with them.

3. The 1900's (the first decade)--the Edwardian years or la Belle Epoche or whatever.  This really isn't so much about the dresses, although some of them are fabulous, (I really don't think I did justice to this period with my pictures), it's actually all about the hats.

The hats were massive! 

But the dresses weren't bad either.  I could rock the Gibson Girl look.  I'm sure of it.  :)

Anyway, that's my rant about nothing consequential for the night.  Now the kids are headed back to school, so off I go to make lunches.  The end.


Kayli said...

Yes! I agree with all! Particularly the Edwardian-- Happiest Millionaire all the way!!

Andrea said...

I was meant to be a 50s woman. I loved EVERY SINGLE outfit you posted. My favorite was the second one. So classy.

Lynn said...

I agree with Andrea. Oh my lands I loved all this eye candy. Thanks!