Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Where to start? How about Christmas?

 So a day or two before Christmas, I made red velvet cupcakes for our neighbors that the kids loaded with sprinkles. Not quite pinterest worthy but whatever. 
 Leo planned a bunch of activities for the kids on Christmas Eve while I tried not to feel sick. 
 One of them was a pillow fight.  He even made a bunch of rules like him and Ana had to stay on their knees.
 After a delicious hoagie dinner, we opened PJs and Elena informed me the next day that she really didn't like hers, but she was trying so hard to act happy about them anyway.  What a sweetie.   :)
 I can't get enough of this boy!  I just love him to pieces!!!
 Then we read the nativity story.  Isabel was Mary, Sebastian was Joseph, Nicolas was a shepard (in a pirate shirt), Elena was the angel, and Ana was a wiseman.

 Sorry, enough pictures of Nicolas, but I just LOVE those cheeks.
 See, irresistible!

My new Christmas tree ornaments that I LOVE!
And Christmas morning.  This was after we already had opened all the presents.  (A friend of mine in our ward gave me the barbie dollhouse just a few days before Christmas, awesome, eh? 
Elena only wanted horse things and cowboy stuff.  She LOVED her stable and riders.  The jeep and horse trailer was actually Nicolas's present, but I think Elena plays with it more. 
My awesome Christmas present!  I love them.  I wear them almost every day now. 
Sebastian got an airplane, and I'm rather disappointed.  I mean it's a really cool airplane and has been played with a ton, but a tail wing broke Christmas morning.  And it comes apart easily which frustrates Sebastian when he's playing with it.   
Sebastian also got a shark swim vest from his abuelitos, and he slept in it the first couple of days.  Crazy kid. 
And Ana got a soccer net thing that sends the ball back to you.  All in all, a great Christmas, enjoyed by everyone.  I love Christmas, and I can't wait till next year when I will actually make chocolates because I won't have morning sickness.  Yeah! 

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