Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Decorating Questions? (I need help).

Hey sisters of mine, and Lynn, the only people who read this blog--want to give me your two-cents worth of advice?  I love my little boys' room, but I was wondering if you think it needs anything else. 
In specific, this sign, it's a smaller metal one, above the dresser with the lamp on it?  Or do you think that will be too much?
I think from this angle it looks like it needs it.  But from the angle of the picture above--when you can see the maps, it looks like it might be too much.  
My new picture of them!  I love it!

My other question is what should I do with this picture?? I was planning on framing it and hanging it there.  But what color of frame?  And blown up that large you can totally tell Nicolas's head is photoshoped--its a different resolution than everything else.  Should I buy the next smaller size (16x20) where it's less obvious?  Re-photoshop the picture? (Not my first choice.) Or just ignore it, from even across the room, you can't tell.  Just up close it's obvious.  I asked my friend here and she said just leave it, although she immediately picked him out as the problem.  Err....

 Different angles.  What do you think?  I am so indecisive.  Ugh.

And my last decorating question--what should I put on the mantel to brighten it up a bit?  I couldn't fit on the other guitar with the picture there (YEAH! for Leo's year-end bonus!)  And I think it's too dark now.  Maybe a fake plant of some sort?  The room doesn't get enough natural light for real plants--I've tried. :(  Candles?
 Or a globe?
Like this:
Antique Green Globe with Brass Stand or this:
Filled with small pots of rosemary plants, an elegant grouping of mercury glass vases illuminates the mantel with soft, silvery light. (Photo: Jennifer Davick) (The plant, not the container.)
Basket Rust & Burnt Orange Natural Fiber Star Pattern Hand Woven Grass Coil Extra Large 16 1/2" x 5 1/2" - South American

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Or maybe some woven African/Native looking plates, or more pottery? 
Anyway, you get the idea.
I don't know, I just think the mantel looks too bare now.  And needs something to brighten it.  I'm terrible at this. 
Anyway, I adore my new picture.  It was worth every penny and so much better than a couch or something more practical.  I smile every time I go through that room. 
And that's all.  Ta Ta from Ana.


Kayli said...

I'm no use to you in these matters. But everything you decide always turns out lovely.

Lindsay Ann Rasmussen said...

YOu should move the pic of Nicholas onto the dresser, and put that sign above his bead with another plane thing like above Sebas' bed. ( i still have that one that you sent!)
For the pic you should do a big white/off white detailed frame. I guess if you get that couch and put it there, you could coordinate the frame with the fabric you choose to upholster the couch.
If you want to brighten the mantle, i wouldn't do the globe or the brown decor. I would do the bright blue plates, or some greenery. That is my two bits worth! HAve fun with it!!

Lynn said...

I'm with Lindsay on the bright colour of a decorative plate of even vase over your mantel. And yes...greenery would also look nice. And give it depth.

I kind of like you idea of putting that metal sign over the dresser in Nicholas' room. I really like that sign!! You have some really great stuff. Like what you did with the maps also.

Oh....and I agree with Lindsay again on the frame for your family picture. I wouldn't change the you's not noticeable. Not from this distance anyway. lol. But since your wall is dark wood, I would let the picture stand out by framing it in a lighter colour. Navy blue? Creme? With details. In a colour that would pull another colour together that you already have in your living room. your style! Love your stuff. Have fun! Let us see what you decide to do.

Lynn said...

P.S. If you put that sign just a SMALL ways up from the would be less of a picture on the wall.........and more of a piece in with the items on the dresser. Making it a vignette. Does that make sense? It would be included in the grouping of those items already there. So wouldn't look too "busy" as you said you feared with the other things on your wall.....if you hung it up much higher above. Hope this makes sense.

Lynn said...

Sorry. Me again. This is an example of what I meant...sort of. Only I would hang the sign even lower to the dresser. {Ignore the second one they have hung above it}. Then center the sign in between the items grouped on either side. Don't worry about centering to the dresser itself. Or...before you even put a nail in the wall...try and see what it would look like just leaning against the wall. Or even just sitting on top of a simple art folder/ easel.

Okay. Leaving you alone now. I am sure whatever you decide will be great. How can you tell I have fun with this kind of stuff. lol.