Thursday, 30 January 2014

Thursday 13

1.  No one hardly writes on their blogs anymore.  It's sad, because then I'm stuck trolling Yahoo news and Facebook, which is much more a waste of time, when I want to waste time.  I've hardly been writing on my blog--mostly posting pictures.  This is also sad, because I love being able to go back and READ my blog from earlier years.  It really is my journal for the most part. Therefore, I'm going to try to start writing Thursday's 13. 

2.  Ana's been playing basketball this year on the B team.  (Her school has an A, B, and C team, so that pretty much everyone that wants to play can.)  She has been loving it, and her team is tied for second place currently.  She has made top scorer in several of her games lately.  We went to a game last week, which I watched, and Leo kept the kids busy. 

3. We've had annoying weather lately.  We had a "snow" day last Friday and Tuesday, with no snow.  Apparently the roads were icy somewhere, but Leo and I never saw any.  And then in between it's up in the high 60s.  I wish it would be one or the other, so you can adjust to it. 

4. Leo and I had big plans to use our tax returns to visit Kayli and Brett in Switzerland.  We found awesomely inexpensive flights that connected through Istanbul.  Then we decided to stay a few days in Istanbul too.  We had even picked out a bed and breakfast a few blocks from the Hagia Sophia.  And we planned on spending two days in Cirque Terra in Italy with Kayli and Brett's family.  We were so excited to go!  And then reality struck and we are not getting tax returns like we did last year.  Sigh.  Good bye trip.  It would have been for our belated 10th anniversary.  Leo and I haven't had a weekend away or even a night away from our kids since Elena was born.  Ruff. 

5.  On the plus side, now we get to decide what to do with the tax returns we did get.  A new couch?  A CD player for our van? Sea World with the kids?  New tires for Leo's car?  (Yeah, that one's for sure.)   Hire a family history researcher in Colombia again?  So many possibilities.  That's always fun.

6. Leo came home from work yesterday and Nicolas RAN to him saying, "Da! Da! Da!"  It was adorable!  First time he's ever said Dad too.  So cute, it's seriously heart melting. 

7. Earlier this month, Nicolas had been sick for a couple days and was tugging out his ear late Friday night.  On Saturday he was rather listless, so I decided to take him to the urgent care.  After a two hour wait, the NP saw him and said he couldn't see his eardrums due to wax but he didn't have a ear infection. !?!?!????!! (Umm, how can you tell if you can't see!?!?)  But that he did think he had RSV and that I needed to take him to the emergency room at Texas Children's to see if he would need admitted based on a test they do that determines whether both lungs are affected or not.  ?!?!?!!???  (I've had kids with RSV before, and the doctor just said they're breathing isn't labored enough to be admitted and prescribed albuterol--no test done.)  So later that night when the kids were fed, Leo and I took him to the ER.  After discovering it would be a four hour wait there, Leo went and bought groceries while stayed with Nicolas.  When Leo got back we had just been given a room.  So Leo and I had our Saturday night date watching the new Star Trek movie on his laptop in the ER.  Nicolas fell asleep.  When the doctor finally saw us, she listened to his lungs and said his lungs were completely clear, absolutely no RSV.  He did have croup and they gave him decadron and sent us home.  I really would like to strangle that NP, and I definitely won't be going back to that urgent care unless it's for stitches.  8 hours.  That's how long I spent in the ER and urgent care that day.  Yuck. 

8.  I'm feeling much better now, and I've even been exercising again.  My official due date is July 19.  And I should find out my next appointment if it's a boy or girl.  SO EXCITING! 

9.  My sewing machine is broken, I think it's the foot control.  I bought a new one on ebay, and I can't wait till it comes.  I'm seriously itching to start sewing again.  I have so many projects planned for this year and I'm already falling behind!  I love sewing. :) 

10.  Thirteen is really hard to come up with.

11. Isabel seems so much more grown up lately.  Isn't it weird how all of sudden kids do that?  It's never ceases to surprise me.  She obeys so much better lately. Nice.

12.  Leo has to commute 3 hours everyday for the next 3 weeks.  Poor Leo. 

13.  Call the Midwife is a great show, I highly recommend it!


Lynn said...

Blogs and blogging have been on my mind a LOT as well. This past year sucked the life out of me...I really NEED to get back to journalling like I use to. I am motivated by your Thursday 13. Will have to do that or something like it.

Sorry to hear about your cancellation of your trip plans. So close and yet so far. I can only imagine the disappointment. Dean and I have yet to go on a honeymoon or trip together alone....hope to one day as well.

Anyway...great post! Thanks for always inspiring me.

Natalie said...

This was so great to read, friend. Keep it up.