Monday, 7 October 2013

I'm back, briefly

I'm tired, I'm going to bed. I have to teach a Emergency Preparedness class tomorrow on Emergency binders, and I don't even really have one.  And I painted a picnic table today--bright blue.  It was a side of the road, garbage day find.  Sweet.  Now if we ever find chairs on the side of the road, what color should I paint them?  I feel like I should be Lindsay Ann's apprentice this summer, I've been painting so much furniture.  

 Sebastian got a black eye.  It's almost gone now.  Pretty sad looking, eh?
Sebastian was sitting on the floor and Leo was lying down near him, and Sebastian kept kicking Leo in the head, Leo swung his arm up to push him away and caught just wrong.  Yeah, here comes CPS, eh?

 Ana made a yummy pistachio pudding salad the other week.
 Two reasons to like Houston today.  It was less than 90 degrees today and I think 60 degrees this morning.  Horray!  It's fall!!!!  And this Bird of Paradise was blooming in my front yard.
 Nicolas has learned to draw.
The evidence is on his forehead.
Sebastian has been non-stop coloring for the last week. In fact during conference he colored and cut out so many spiders to hang on our spider web.  Oops, I meant to take a picture but forgot.  I'll take one and post it before Halloween passes I promise.

In other good news today, I FINALLY recovered all my files from the corrupt time machine backup.  Hallelujah!

In Facebook news:

  • Sebastian, "I'm going to marry you, Mom, and Isabel."
  • Isabel, "You can't marry two girls!"
  • Sebastian, "I have two hands so I can hold two!"
  • Ahhh haaa haaaa!  (I couldn't get the bullets off this, well I don't really care to try longer.)

  • FAIL!!!!!!!!! I just made jodhpurs (yes jodhpurs) for Sebastian's Halloween costume today and yet again failed to measure anything, not even a cursory, let's-hold-this-pattern-piece-up-near-you-and-see-if-it-might-fit measurement, and I assumed that since they are size 3 and he is 3.5 and even though he wears a size 2 pant, that they would just be a little too big (which is good, he'd have them in the dress up box longer). But oh no, they fit ELENA!!!! ARRRRGHHHHHHH!

  • Sebastian: "I'm not your mom anymore!!!!!" Screamed at me repeatedly.

  • Took my computer in yesterday to the Mac Store trying to recover files from Time Machine...15,000 photos and 2 hours later, I had found out that Memorial City Mall has no bookstores!!! (Curse you Kindle!) Target only had a few so I was left with Ender's Game as the only decent option to read--I wasn't supposed to leave the Mac store at all since they were transferring personal date, but the guy let me go get something to do. Anyway, point of this long rambling post is that my thoughts after finishing Ender's Game last night went like this:

"Wow! I like Ender's Game so much more this time than when I read it last."
"Hmmm...I forgot a lot of it."
"Well, when, did I read it last?"
"Oh, 20 years ago."
"I am so old!!!!!!!!!!!! AGHHGHGHHGHGH!"

  • Me, "Isabel, you're not allowed to use Elena's water bottle because you chew on it!"
    Isabel, "I'm not chewing on it, I'm sucking on it, like blood." 


Andrea said...

Sebastian--even a black eye doesn't derail your pretty boy status. Apparently you have ladies man in the bag.

Now, after reading Ender's Game recently, are you going to see the movie?? Tim is vetting it for me. I think it might exceed my violence tolerance.

Anonymous said...

Kami......... yeah and hooray, you have all your 'stuff'. So good. Your kids say funny things.
ANA - I haven't seen you forever!!! You look great and I love pistachio salad - you can make me some when you come and visit me .... please!!!!
Love you all and miss you.