Monday, 28 October 2013

Family Pictures

Way back when Kayli took our family photos.  I thought I posted a few on here.  But I couldn't find them.  Then, our computer spent all summer on the blitz and I thought I had lost them.  Luckily, Kayli still had them on her camera and through the magic of Dropbox, I know have them.  The excitement of which led me to stay up all hours of the night playing around with "actions" on photoshop.  I never knew those existed before last month.  I really need to take a class on photoshop.  Anyway, I did NOT do what I was supposed to, which was choose and edit a family photo for our Christmas card.  Because , of course, messing with stuff for fun is much less stressful than actually making a choice on something relatively important (to me anyway.)  So enjoy and tell me what you the editing too much?  I mean it's not like these are going up in my house, but the one that does, I was thinking of trying to make a bit vintagey.  I'm not sure.  So please, leave an opinion.  


Lynn said...

Wow. I LOVE your family photos. They are so great. Glad you were able to save them!

Kayli said...

hhhhhmm, some of them I don't like... the first one not at all. The second one- I'm not sure what the action did, except tint the color differently perhaps? I like your reds as vibrant and true as they can be, personally.
I looooove the one of Ana looking straight on.
And same as before with the next two of Elena and Isabel-- it's just tinted the color I think, and I prefer it true (this isn't always the case, just with your great bold red, I like to keep it bold and red).
The next ones of the boys and the next ones of Sebastian, bleh. But the final one of Sebastian I love.

Natalie said...

The first one, the lighting seems wrong. Like half of you are in light and half in shadow, but the other ones are nice. I especially love your wardrobe choices.

Anonymous said...

I love the second family pic. Want one for my board. Love the bright red necklace and Isabel's smooth cheeks, and Anna and the boys and you and Leo and Elena. Love the last one of Sebas. Love the first one of Isabel and Elena - cute pink cheeks. I don't like the lighting or whatever you did on the others. Like Kayli said, just the pretty natural colors. Mom