Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sewing from a while ago

 This past August, I decided to make my sister's girls Scottish outfits.  That ballooned into making shirts, shifts, kilts, hats, and the dresses, (apparently a dog's costume too.)
 How do I do these things to myself?  I actually was really disappointed about them because I was going use this adorable pattern that I had to make the dresses--
The one with the apron above.  And it totally stunk because I don't read patterns and think through things first.  Hence it is all the pattern's fault.  Sigh.  The dress is all together in one with the vest overtop.  Since I wanted a plaid skirt and plain top, that obviously wouldn't work at all.  Ruff.  Then I had issues lenthening it.  My issues, again--once I thought through it, I was banging my head going why didn't I realize that glaringly obvious mistake I made!!!  Anyway, long story short, well not so short, I went back to my trusty Burda 9509 pattern and just made them with that.  Her kids love them though, so it's okay.  And I did make cute hats.  
 I mean seriously, those curls look perfectly adorable with that hat.  They'd look adorable without it too, but that's beside the point.

 I even convinced my sister to go to a Renaissance Faire with them at Thanksgiving Point.  Only they got rained/snowed out.  Sad.
 The failed vest on their dog, Patsy.  I think the goatee really sets off the whole outfit.  You can see the rest of her pictures here.
 Long before that, I made "Heidi" dresses for my sister Kayli's girls last November.  She took for...ev...errrrr to take pictures.  But they are really cute and there is even a goat, so it's okay.  Kayli said she wanted them kind of Sound-of-Music-curtainish so that was why I chose the fabric I did.  I used, you guessed it, Burda 9509 for these dresses too.
 Who would guess that a dirndl pattern would be my most used pattern to date?!?!?  Not I. That's for sure.  I used it to make the gnome costumes too. Gnomes--I love those costumes.

See!!  A goat!!!   To see even cuter photos of Talmage in lederhosen see my sister's blog here.

In other news, never, ever volunteer to teach an emergency preparedness class.  Guess who just got a new calling?


Kayli said...

Okay, you think you're hot stuff at sewing, but dude- guess who made Ethne's apron!! ME! That's right, now I take all the credit for everything.

j/k. THANK YOU THANK YOU for the adorable dresses!!

Andrea said...

Can't wait to hear all about your new calling. If I was Wyatt, I would say, *sucker* right about now.

PS I have a very fun Friday planned--want to join me?

Lynn said...

YEs! Look at all that talent. Go Kami!

And of COURSE you would get that newest calling. ; ) Congrats. You will do great! I remember how I thought there would be NO way I would love a calling like that. Now here I am missing it. lol.