Monday, 23 September 2013

Beehives and Mosaic

Today I did my hair in a beehive for fun.  It worked out pretty good.  Although I had to clip on a big flower to cover all the bobby pins.  And then I had to change my clothes to match the flower.  Anyway, for posterity, here's my hair, in a beehive.

 And for Andrea, here's the mosaic I made in high school.  I took me over a year.

 And some cut-work.  The end.


Lynn said...

Beautiful!! On all accounts.

P.S. The Beehive is my Favorite hair style. And I must say you carry it well. Seriously!

Andrea said...

THANK YOU!!! I didn't desert you today. We were rockhounding! And riding a ferris wheel in Scheels. Such a lovely day.

Amy said...

I came from your sisters blog. WOW on your mosaic. I would not have the patience to do that. It's beautiful!