Sunday, 9 September 2012


I just wanted to share a little bit about our local wildlife.  Specifically, the wildlife in our front yard.

And don't worry about this little guy, Ana went out and removed the screen, I'm sure he eventually would have figured it out, I mean he got in there, so he must have been able to get out right?
 We've seen those lizards quite a bit.  It's a green anole.  I rather like them.  They're kind of pretty.
This is what they do when they're threatened, like as is in when Leo's trying to catch it.  
This is a Mediterranean gecko.  It's an invasive species from, yeah, the Mediterranean area of Europe and Northern Africa.  They are EVERYWHERE.  At least five are around our front door light catching bugs each night.  They are ugly.  And they are invasive.  Which is why I don't like them.  The little baby ones aren't very bright, and every so often we catch a couple in our house.  Errrrr..... Me no likey. Just this week one went behind the refrigerator and it's probably rotting there still.  
 Okay I don't know the name of these, and I'm not sure if it's exactly the ones I've seen, but there is a huge toad, (think fist-sized) living in our front yard.  It's ugly.

 Maybe it was this guy.  Anyway, we see these large dead toads ran over in the street all the time. Oh and yes we see dead possums and armadillos too.  The other day I went out my front door and stepped on a little frog and killed it.  Oops.  

And this is our most fun resident.  The Texas Tree Roach. It's about 2 inches long.  Not joking.  Luckily they don't get inside very often.  However, I hate them.  Even finding one in your house every couple of months is too much for me.  Yuck.

I've also found a snakeskin in our front yard.  But I refuse to even think about it, because of how much I dread snakes.  Shiver.

And that's our front yard.  And actually, most annoying of all is the mosquitos-- (I actually don't mind the geckos and toads and lizards because they eat the mosquitos--except when they come in our house.)  Because we have beautiful, lush tropical plants in our front yard that have nice big leaves that catch water and store it, it is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos.  I literally get a mosquito bite almost every time I spend more than 30 seconds in the front yard. Ugh.  Not to mention the outbreak of West Nile Virus here, the worst it's ever been--47 dead this year in Texas.  Joy.

So I'm just continuing my quest in convincing people to come visit me.  Is it working?


Kayli said...

I hate Texas. Pretty sure I will NEVER come visit you.

Natalie said...

Wow. And i have trouble with the little ants that are around here.
More baby pictures, please.

Andrea said...

Ditto Kayli. Basically I never want to get anywhere near the South again as long as I live.

Carlie said...

I could never live near creatures like that. You're brave!

p.s. you were nominated for an award on my blog
check it out!