Monday, 24 September 2012

Nicolas surviving Isabel and other things

 First, the skirt I made.

 I love it.

 Silly faces.
Isabel is CRAZY.  Good thing she makes us laugh so much, otherwise I might give her away.  A friend babysat her for me last Wednesday, and she said, "She never stops!  None of my kids were like that."  Hmmmm.....

And for those of you out of the know, I volunteered to plan our ward's Halloween party.  Only, then it turned into a TRI-ward party.  How do I get myself into these things?  Anyway, now Leo and I definitely NEED pirate costumes.  I think Leo should be a cosair from the Barbary Coast (ignore the guy in the middle, I mean like the guys on the sides.)  However, I have neither the time or the money, so instead, he will be the guy in the middle.  Sniff.  That's really too sad.  I, of course, will just be a pirate wench.  Lucky me.


Natalie said...

The Nicholas - nator looks like he gets lots of love. Your skirt is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your skirt. YOu didn't tell me that! Looks great on you. Good times!!! Love you Mom