Thursday, 13 September 2012

Halloween yet?

Elena's been begging for months for me to go up in the attic and get down the two bins of Halloween clothes (as opposed to their normal dress-up clothes).
I finally had Leo grab them down a week ago after Elena was particularly good about doing her chores and not screaming.

We've had some pretty fun outfits around since then.  This is Isabel's favorite.  She wears this combination a lot.

This is Nicolas in my favorite pajamas.  He doesn't like dressing up quite yet.
I love the matching accessories.

My happy boy.
Err...goofy boy.
Sebastian likes to dress up too, mostly in capes though.  Poor Ana, she's just stuck in the background doing homework.  She has a really busy schedule with volleyball.  But I'm glad she made the team, and they won their game last night!


Andrea said...

ANA---CONGRATS!!!! I can't believe your mom didn't tell me sooner. Awesome job. Volleyball is super fun.

PS Take off your stupid verification. I've tried 3 times to figure out what it says with no success. If it happens again I give up. Never mind--4th time's the charm, right?

jt said...

Go Ana!
Josh was particularly excited to see this picture of Elena. And just so you know, I've let his hair grow out so they're hair looks really similar! I'll have to past a picture. Elena will get a kick out of it. Thanks for the baby pics, but I still need to see more.