Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thank you, thank you.

My friend Carlie at nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  She said, and I quote, "she is just amazing. She has darling kids, but shares all the funny and frustrating moments as well as the happy. And she is the best seamstress I've ever known!" 
Thank you Carlie!  I love hearing myself described as a seamstress.  Makes me think of this.
(That's a good thing.) And, well, to be described as the best, that's just making my head swell.

So, seven things about me.

1.  I should be making lunch for my kids right now, and I am not.  
2.  I have at least fifteen projects planned in my head or half started in my sewing room at all times.  And ideas for so many little time......
3.  I hate running.  (That's why I'm so impressed by all your 5ks Carlie, that's amazing!)
4.  I'm seriously homesick for Utah and Provo right now.  I want fall, and BYU performances (that are affordable) and school's with a decent amount of recess, and my family, and Natalie, my old neighbor, and I even miss taking classes at BYU.  Sigh.
5.  I have all my Christmas shopping done.  Except for Leo's Christmas present.
6.  My favorite colors are hot pink and red.
7.  I don't like planning meals, and menus, and shopping lists, but I don't really mind cooking, and I love to bake!  All the best things to eat are baked, except for steak.

I nominate Kayli at for the One Lovely Blog Award, because I love her photography.


Kayli said...

Thanks Kam, you're the man. And you ARE the best seamstress ever.

jt said...

I agree Carlie.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Kami!!!! Ideas ----- they can be so 'tempting' and yet 'annoying' at the same time!!
Love you.