Monday, 3 September 2012

Nicolas's Memorable Baby Blessing

 Isabel the crazy one.
 And without further ado, on to Nicolas's memorable baby blessing.  We made it to church on time.  Just wanted to make that clear.  And then I told Leo to go up and remind the bishopric that we were doing the baby blessing today.  BUT he said, "I talked to two of them last week, I'm sure they remember."
They forgot.
One of the bishopric came down during the sacrament to tell us that they would do it after the sacrament, and sorry they forgot.  Then Nicolas started getting fussy.  I was holding him up to my shoulder and patting his back just a few minutes before the water reached us when his diaper exploded.  Literally.
It managed to get on every piece of clothing he had on and the receiving blanket I had on my lap, and my WHITE skirt.  Bright yellow neon poop everywhere. (Luckily I bought Oxi-clean yesterday!)  I rushed off to the mother's lounge and stripped him naked and cleaned him up.  My friend came in about then, and she went and got Leo for me, and I managed to hand Nicolas to Leo wrapped in one of those store-bought receiving blankets that are useless (except I use them for burp clothes) and a diaper just as they were announcing that they were going to do the baby blessing.  The guy talking even made a joke about the baby being invited because WE weren't in the room then.  And then I tried to scrub off the front of my skirt and cover up with the also dirty receiving blanket (I carefully folded it) and slipped in to the back row to listen, just in time.
Nicolas SCREAMED the entire baby blessing.  One of my friends told me after that she thought it was a baby in the back (I think the sound system had something to do with that), and she kept thinking, "What rude parents to not take their baby out!" Anyway, Leo met me in the lobby immediately afterwards and handed off Nicolas again and the car keys, so I could go home and change.    I fed Nicolas and changed his clothes, and went back to church and he slept as quiet as could be the all the rest of church.  Joy.


Kayli said...

Oh, that's sooooo funny (from my perspective) and awful (from yours)!

But, that picture of Elena is really kindof awesome.

jt said...

I love that picture of Isabel at the beginning. So artistic! Sorry about the blessing day. You'll laugh about it some day.

Lynn said...

HA ha. I agree with Kayli. It's totally Murphy's Law isn't it. And why is it that us mom's just know when things are going to end up like that. Too bad the Bishopric didn't remember. ; )

Cassie screamed like that the whole time during our temple sealing with her. Ugh. Being so naive back then...I just had to ask someone....."Is it valid? The sealing that is? Even if I didn't get to hear a word of it?" ; )