Thursday, 1 March 2012

So if you had 9,000,000 lying around......

Would you buy this place???? Leo and I were looking at houses to rent in Houston, and I got sidetracked and started looking at Spanish/Mediterranean style homes, because well, I like them.

I don't know that this really qualifies at Spanish or Mediterranean, but it was one of the houses that first popped up (you know because they always list the most expensive first.)
Dude, Kayli, Leo just needs to become a rich oil exec, and I wouldn't need to visit Morocco, I could just basically live there. Hee. Hee. I just don't understand why they put in the fancy chandeliers that don't look Moroccan at all, when obviously they could have afforded some cool ones from Morocco. (It breaks the atmosphere.)
Like these ones they have in the hallway.

Umm, yeah. I really can't even imagine living in a place like this. Not even slightly. Here's the description from the realtor.

A Morocaan style, over the top, jaw-dropping North African fantasy in the Memorial area. Designed by the international Moroccan architectural firm Arabesque Moresque & built by The Black Stone Builder, Inc. In addition to 8 bedrooms there are 2 free-standing 2-story guest houses w/ 3 bedrooms & 2.5 bathrooms. 3 Kitchens. Oversized pool. 2 cabanas & a petting zoo.

Of course, a petting zoo. Who wouldn't have a petting zoo?!?!

I love courtyards. But I would have gone with a red and blue color scheme.
So how many sinks do you need, when you have 8 bathrooms altogether, plus 2 half baths? But this is what really kills me. If you're going for a Moroccan themed house, doesn't everyone think to put in a formal French dining room and living room?Yeah, I thought so. Because Northern African and Louis XV just scream to be mixed.


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