Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sebastian's Birthday

Sebastian immediately recognized it as Thomas the Train, and insisted on watching me decorate the whole thing. (I wasn't really going for Thomas the Train, besides the same blue color.)
I love birthdays--it's so fun seeing the birthday kid SO excited.
Like this--that's excited for Sebastian.
Opening presents is a very serious business.
Unfortunately, Elena wasn't enjoying the festivities, she didn't even eat some cake.
She had a temp of 102-103 for most of the day. And the day before that.

Ana liked the cake though.
And Isabel--she and I came down with the high temp today. Hopefully Sebastian doesn't catch it.
And this was Sebastian's present! He loved it!! He's so cute too, because he always makes the train noise as he pushes it around.
A birthday success. :)


Lynn said...

He's a true boy. Glad that he had a wonderful birthday. You girls {you and your sisters} are amazing cake decorators. I wish I had the patience.

Hope you are all feeling better soon!

Milexis said...

Happy B-day to Sebastian!!! I can't believe it! 2 already!!!

Natalie said...

adorable pictures! And you say you don't do cakes? pshh. That was an amazing train cake.

Anonymous said...

Kami - the cake turned out awesome!!! oh for Skype to save the day!!!! Glad Sebastian was excited for the cake and his train. Hope you are all feeling better!! Mom