Thursday, 8 March 2012


Ana played Junior Jazz this year and LOVED it!
She told us her new goal was to play on BYU's women's basketball team.
And then play for the WNBA.
We told she'll be lucky to hit 5'3" and that the shortest girl on the BYU basketball team is 5'9".
Mean parents, aren't we?

But I'm glad she's enjoying it now.
She's done really pretty well too.
Good times.


Kathleen said...

Amya loves to play basketball with Ana at recess...speaking of playing, Amya was trying to set up a play date or something with Ana before you guys leave, but the number we have for you isn't working...could you give us a call? 8014734593

PS I'm not stalking you or anything...I went to goodreads thinking I could send you a message on there and saw your link to you blog and thought you might check this more often :)

Anonymous said...

Ana - you did such a great job when we came to watch you!!!!! Keep up the good work! You look awesome!
Grandma R
And Kami - when you are wilting in the humidity - well I will try not to say anything!!!! hahaha Mom

Brooke said...

there was a 5'3'' gaurd in the nba, so she should be fine at byu!!