Monday, 7 January 2019


Christmas felt kind of low-key this year.  The kids got books, a present from Santa and their abuelitos and they got to chose an activity to be in at the Rec Center as mine and Leo's present.  (Nicolas and Sebas chose Taekwondo, Elena Voice class and Isabel Gymnastics.)  Everyone was really happy with their gifts except Lando--he's kind of like that about everything right now.  I hope it's just a stage! :/
Leo and I got each other perfume and cologne.  Anyway.  it was good.  I love Christmas so much!

Sebastian got carnivorous plants from Santa--here's hoping they live!!  Isabel got a beta fish, tank and accessories, Elena got coloring books, gel pens, and hair straightener, Nicolas, Jubal and Efraim got a PJ Masks toy which has been super popular.  And Lando got a headlamp from his grandparents, Isabel and Elena got a screenless cellphone that we had to return because WY doesn't have coverage. Sebas got a net and creature cage.  And Jubal got a take apart race car--that was a huge hit.  Elena also got a dress slipped in there because she's growing out of everything!

All the kids got watches in their stockings except Efraim--he got match box cars.  And Ana got new tires on her car!  Elena and Isabel got some earrings too--that I bought two years ago--crazy eh?  I just kept waiting because they already had enough gifts the other years.  I bought myself a new apron and necklace too.  Yay!  Anyway, I never keep track of what my kids' presents were--my Mom always had a binder with each year written in and how much each present cost so she could compare and get ideas.  I kind of was curious and I never remember so I thought I'd write it in my blog--the one place that I always know where it is.  :)

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