Friday, 4 January 2019

December happenings

I do have a new goal this year to write seven things every Friday on my blog.  But today I'm just going to play catch up.  On the 22nd we had our family Christmas party where we sang at a nursing home and then had dinner and then the teenagers went an did baptisms for the dead at the Logan temple.  Aww--and they did a ton of names for me of the ones I had found in Colombia--yay!

I made this Buche de Noel for the Christmas party.  My kids added the fairy and hedgehog. It turned out better than I expected by far!

Earlier in the month we went to our ward Christmas breakfast party.  And Santa came.  It was fun.  Efraim would have nothing to do with Santa Claus.  Ha. Ha.

We tried taking pictures with my timer on my camera on Sunday, but most of them turned out blurry and Jubal was being a pill.

I love this picture!

I'm jumping all around here but this was our Christmas dinner--fondue!!! Yum.  It turned out so well this year too.  All the kids love that tradition.

These were the Peruvian hats the kids got at Christmas.  I loved them.

And our Christmas Eve pajamas!  I made the pants and I will never do that again.  Used way more fabric then I expected because of one way designs and then I used several different patterns and a couple of them were ridiculously baggy on the kids.  Those S, M, L, XL sewing patterns are the equivalent of one size fits all and they stink.  But Christmas was good.  Lando, if you can tell was not impressed with Harry Potter pjs.  But most of my kids liked them despite there flaws. I sent Ana her pjs and stocking and notes from the kids earlier in the month.  She said her's fit--that was good because I totally  guessed on the size because I couldn't measure her.

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