Monday, 29 December 2014

The Sunday before Christmas

 Sebastian looking dashing in his new suit.  My little sister Lindsay always buys her boys Sunday clothes at Target and so do I!  I love Target's boys suits.  I always buy them at Christmas or Easter for Sebastian.

 I forgot to get a picture of Leo and Elena before her baptism.  Couple of weeks late doesn't matter right?

Sebastian was taking pictures for me.  I wanted a picture of Jubal, but this is the best of the bunch.

And the boys' new bedroom set up.  They love their bunk bed!  The third bed is under the bunk bed.  Sweet.

I need to center the map pictures but haven't had a chance yet.

And a few more pictures from Lindsey the intern.

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Anonymous said...

Cute cute pics of Leo and Elena. She has a natural smile in all of them. Love the pic of you and Jubal - what a newsie boy. Cute pics of Ana --- She looks so cute with that outfit and her boots!
Love you all.