Monday, 1 December 2014

Really Quick

 1.  This is the awesome pies that one of my cousin's kids decorated for me.  I'm not a really creative cake/pie decorator.  So I let her (Mallory? Mariah?) take over and we ended up with an awesome smiley face pumpkin pie!

2. Monique decided the pies were picture worthy and that she needed to model with them.  It was amazing!

3. And this is why Thanksgiving should always be celebrated with family.  I loved every minute! :)  Ana hung out with Chad.  I talked Kandi's ear off, Indiana played with Isabel and Elena, and Sebastian and Nicolas played with their dog.  It was great fun, delicious food, and just wonderful!

4. This is apparently how you celebrate Thanksgiving with the rest of my throwing a pie at your sister's suburban.  Hmmm......interesting.....
5. This is my kids' tree, which is up in the toy room.  They get to decorate it and put all their homemade decorations on it from school.  I like it and I just bought material to make a funky, colorful tree skirt for it.

 6. And this is my tree in the living room.  The kids aren't allowed to touch it.  I took pictures because I wanted Amy and Mom to tell me what to put on it, but then Mom helped me decide on poinsettias without even having seen it.  I still might add some holly sprigs though.  What do you all think?
Here's a picture that's actually in focus.

 And my favorite ornaments ever!!!!  Love!!!!

7.  And the reindeer I got from Costco this year, because they match so perfectly.  Now, I just need to sew up stockings (next year, this year we might do $1 ones again.)  I'm thinking red velvet and white silk and hand embroidered.  Just like I made them before, actually, but sewn straight and not crooked and bright red instead of the wine/burgundy color.  Thoughts on that anyone??
8.  Leo's in San Antonio.
9. The wonder ovens are still haunting me.  I forgot to save one lady the fill for three of hers'.  My mind is no longer functioning at the level it once was, I tell you.
10. My sewing machine needs repaired and I'm seriously tempted to just go buy the one I want. Do you think Leo would ever talk to me again?
11.  I desperately need to take pictures of Jubal. He is so adorable.
12.  I have to go now, I have too much to finish tonight and it's already 11 PM.  Sigh.


Andrea said...

Go to bed, weirdo. I LOVE the kids' tree!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it, love it, love it. I also love your tree as it is so very Kami and so very pretty. Fabulous!

jt said...

Love Love Love your christmas decorations.

Lynn said...

I LOVE you Christmas decor! Gorgeous! So classy and Christmasy.