Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Year's Resolutions Part 1

I was despairing the other day about my long to-do list of projects that I want to complete this coming year and all the stuff on my list that I didn't complete last year.  (I have two lists really, one sewing and one family history.) But in an effort to perk myself up, I started listing the things I had done.  So here it is, my 2014 To-Do and Done List.  Tomorrow I'll post my 2015 To-do List.

1. Two dresses for Miriam and a dress for Harriet. (Partly unplanned.)

2. Taught a 6 week sewing class. (Unplanned.)
3. Made three Dutch costumes for Kayli. (Unplanned.)

4. Made a vest for Jethro. (Unplanned.)

5. Portrait dresses for girls.
6. Nightgown for me.
7. Flowered dresses for girls.

8. Armor for Sebastian and Nicolas.
9. Halloween costumes for kids.

10. Girls' quilts.
11. Denim quilt.
12. White dresses for girls. (Sort of, Elena's baptism dress was one.)

13. 3  (1) pregnancy dresses for me. (One done)

14. Purple dress for Elena.
15. Ripped the home videos from Mom's cds onto my computer.  Published a few short family videos on Facebook.
16. Made a family calendar for 2015.
17. Uploaded Walburger and Rasmussen photos to FamilySearch.
18. Made scrapbook for Leo's grandparents. 
19. Finish Walburger book.
20. Upload Latorre photos to FamilySearch.
21. Organize my photos on computer. (Half done.)
22. Digitalized my photos. (Half done.)
23. Digitalized my home videos. (Thank you groupon.)
24. Wonder Ovens RS activity (Unplanned.)
25. Finish fixing Leo's family tree. (Half done.)
26. DNA tests on Leo's grandparents.  (Half done really, just his grandpa. But also tested Leo's mom.)
27. Finish gallery wall in living room. (Which is now not updated for the fall conference. Ruff.)

28. Knit dress for me.
29. Madrigal costume. (Unplanned.)
30. Christmas Stockings
31. Girl's room embroidery hoop decor (one left!)

I also had a baby, blogged more (that was one of my goals), joined a book club, and kept my kids relatively happy and healthy.  I think I did a lot.  Little by little right?  Some of these will take a lifetime anyway (i.e. family history).


Anonymous said...

My dear --- you did amazing things in 2014 and plenty of them. Plus a few family outings and camping. And having a baby is counted as 'all one needs to do in a year' - so there!!!!!!!!
Pat yourself on the back. Love you.
And your goals for 2015 - well, like you said, maybe stick with the girls quilts this year and enjoy your kids while they are little. :)
Love you bunches.

Kayli said...

You are so amazing. That's all.