Thursday, 11 December 2014

Last Week

1. Last week was crazy.  Seriously. Leo left Tuesday to go to San Antonio. I didn't have enough chocolate (obviously) and was a little crazy (mostly it was a crazy week because of ME being moody or whatever you want to call it) and not a very nice mom for a couple of days as well as bursting in to tears at random times.  I think Jubal was fussy and Nicolas was being more needy than usual was a large part of me feeling overwhelmed.  Anyway, it's weird because I was much more busy that one hellish week in October but I held it together much better then.  Why is it that?  I really am curious why that is.

2. I made this outfit on the far left for a girl in my ward for a madrigal dinner they do as a fundraiser for the choir.  It was fun. And she said she liked it and got a lot of compliments on it. And then my sewing machine died.  Well, not really, it needs the tension fixed which I can't do, and so will cost me $100 to get it serviced.  I jokingly started telling Leo that I should get a new sewing machine instead. Now, I'm not really joking anymore.  But we'll see, after Christmas...

3. Ana made Junior Varsity B team in soccer.  She had mixed feelings because she wanted to make the A team, but her coaches told her she'd be playing all the time on B, and not at all really on A, so she's glad about that. I really hate that soccer practice goes till 5 PM.  It leaves to little time for her to do anything else like homework or piano, let alone a chore. But I'm glad she made the team.

4. On Wednesday, I drove the kids to San Antonio in the evening because Leo's company paid for us to basically have a little mini vacation.  Nice! While Leo was at meetings the next day, I took the kids to Sea World (we had season passes, but had been only once.) Only Sea World was closed. Oops!!!

5. So we went to the mall instead, and Elena got her ears pierced.  It was so cute.  I could tell she was really nervous and scared, but she tried so hard to be brave and didn't cry.  She did say that it really hurt a lot, not a little like we'd told her.  :)  Then the kids told Santa what they wanted for Christmas and played in the play area, and then we went back to the hotel and played in the pool.  It was a super nice hotel (Omni) and had an indoor pool and jacuzzi and a heated outdoor pool and hot tub. We played in all four.  Jubal got to swim for the first time and he liked it!


6.  That evening, once Leo got in, I had the brilliant idea to head to a Japanese Hibachi Grill (Sumo was the name of the place) with our kids and the Everetts, another LDS family that used to be in our ward and Devin works with Leo.  The kids LOVED it!  Elena and Sebastian wanted to eat all MY sushi.  Nicolas downed the miso soup and edamame beans.  Isabel got her plate of noodles which was what she reminded us she wanted every 5 seconds. And Ana liked it for the most part which is her norm.  While the chef was doing all the fire tricks, Nicolas never budged an inch and kept repeating, "Wow!!" "Wow!!!" "Wow!!!!"  So cute.  And Isabel told him he was the "Best cook ever!" It was really fun to see all the kids so excited and loving every second of it.

7.  The next day we swam in the pool again, which was interrupted by a very yucky diaper (I have cloth swim diapers) that I had to clean out, and then luckily Nicolas fit Jubal's swim trunks and we swam some more.

7. Then we headed out to Leo's work party.  It was at a ranch.  A working ranch, but also an entertainment/venue ranch as well.  We had a great time.  We rode on a chartered bus there with other employees and I had the joy of  discovering that a woven wrap also works great in a pinch as a receptacle for vomit, as Nicolas threw up while sitting on my lap.  It was the freshest smelling vomit--minty fresh actually, as in too many mint oreo cookies fresh. Anyway, once there Ana flirted endlessly with the young man teaching how to rope a calf, and Isabel and Elena dragged the interns around. My favorite part was actually swinging really high on a swing that night with the moon out.  (Made me think of Kayli and going to Oak Park to swing.) We saw a beefalo (bison-long horn mix).  And here's some video footage an intern, Lindsey, sent me.  The trip home was also exciting, as we missed the second to the last bus by a hair and ended up with all the young, tipsy interns, one of whom had a guitar so they sang the whole way back to San Antonio.  Which was all fine and good, except Sebastian was very tired by this point, and he doesn't like loudness in general, so I held him while he cried and screamed the whole time about them being too loud.  The good thing was, you couldn't really hear him even the next seat over because it was that loud.  I tried not to laugh, but at one point, he turned and yelled at them, "Will you please stop playing that stupid guitar, you're being so loud and annoying!!!!"  It was pretty funny though.

 This is a beefalo (the bison longhorn cross).

8.  The next day we ate at IHOP (I had never been there before) and then we headed to Sea World for real this time.  Leo came too, which was a blessing. I don't know how I would have managed on my own.  Anyway, we had fun.  It was neat to see the shows with a Christmas theme.  However, Nicolas was being a pill (a typical 2-year-old in any case) and threw a tantrum if we carried him; he wouldn't ride in the stroller either--he just wanted to walk everywhere himself. And by walk, I mean meander slowly all over the place while picking up rocks and sticks. To let you know how accustomed to Texas we've become, Leo waited with Isabel on down for two hours to play in the snow machine snow area for 15 minutes.  The kids were thrilled!  Especially Sebastian.  I took Elena and went to the dolphin show and happened to sit down by an old friend from high school. Random, eh?  She looked up and saw me and said, "Rasmussen!"  and I said, "Jensen!"  Anyway, it was Kayli Jensen, (I guessed Maren). We chatted and her son and Elena played happily while we waited for the show to start.  Crazy.

9.  After the show, Elena and I went to our designated meeting place (I had given Ana my cell phone because she had left to get some jackets from the car for us and then rode on the roller coasters) and we waited and looked around for 40 minutes, but no Leo. Elena wanted to pray, so we did and within minutes we ran into him on our way to the orca show.  The lamps weren't lit because of the Christmas lights on the trees, but it was still REALLY dark and hard to see anyone, so I am so glad we did meet up. It was indeed a blessing.  Nicolas spent the whole orca show going "Wow!"
 Santa Mariachi's because after all, this is San Antonio.

10.  After the orca show, we left and went to get dinner, only everything was closed and we called Kayli and bugged her a lot to look up restaurants that were open for us, and finally landed at Mama Margie's, a Mexican food place.  It was 11 PM by the time we got there and it was packed!  I don't think it's going to win any fine dining awards anytime soon, but it was good and it was cheap and there was a lot of it, which was perfect for us right then.  I'd recommend it.

11. We headed back to Houston after that and ummm, I had a hard time staying awake.  Around 2 AM with an hour left to go I told Leo I couldn't go any further (we had separate vehicles) and we pulled off to sleep a little bit at a rest stop, only of course Nicolas and Jubal woke up immediately upon stopping and cried off and on for the next 40 mins till we gave up and started driving again.  I know this is awful, but I was literally dumping water on my head the last little bit to stay awake.  We got home at 4 AM.  I hate driving tired.

12.  We still made it to church on Sunday. Barely.

13.  On Monday, I drove over near the NASA Space Center (an hour away) to buy some bunk beds off of Craigslist for the boys' room. 3 bed frames, 1 dresser, and 2 mattresses for $350.  Sweet! They're in great condition too, and solid, heavy wood.  I don't see Sebas, Lando or Jubal ever getting new beds till they leave for college. That feels nice, actually. Something settled.

14. I sent my cousin Maria, the sewing guide I put together for my sewing class this spring.  She's teaching a class at the YMCA along with a professional seamstress.  Anyway, she showed it to the seamstress who said it was the best beginner's guide to sewing she'd ever seen.  Yeah, I can copy and paste from other people's blogs really well.  ;)

15. On Tuesday I went to a free exchange and brunch that I helped plan, and got some awesome stuff for free.  Love that.  Also got rid of a bunch of stuff.  Love that too.  But the best part was this awesome salad I made.  SO delicious.  It is now officially my very favorite fruit salad of all time.  Seriously.  Here's the link to the recipe. Citrus Pomegranate Salad Try it.  This Sunday.  Really, do it.  

16.  On the Tuesday before we left for San Antonio, Jubal had his 4 month check up.  He is 99% in height and 98% in weight.  He's now a chunky 18 pounds.  Our pediatrician was gushing over him.  (That's always nice.)  She asked if I fed him a straight steak diet.  :)  Yep, just like any Sackett deserves.

And that was my week. Ta. Ta.

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