Saturday, 19 July 2014

Update of the Week

1. I have not had my baby yet.  Ruff.  I did have a lot of contractions on Wednesday and Thursday after having my membranes stripped.  But they've since died down.

2. Yesterday I walked a mile with the kids in the afternoon, and then two miles with Leo last night. Today I spent FOUR hours out in the yard: mowed the front and back, swept the sidewalks and back patio, trimmed the stupid crepe myrtle and another tree that is trying to grow a forest around it, weeded the front and back flower beds, and managed to have only two measly contractions. 
3. Then I decided on a different tactic and took a nice relaxing bath and went and used the pedicure gift certificate someone gave me at my baby shower. It was nice. And I had two BIG contractions while my feet were being massaged, but nothing at all since. I'm so sore from all the bending and stuff though, I can hardly move. I definitely like this approach better than the yard work approach.
4. I've also been drink raspberry leaf tea by the cupful.  Yuck.  Why does anyone like herbal tea?  Anyway, I hope it helps. I'm kind of desperate.
5.  My Ob said the baby is posterior during the last ultrasound.  I had guessed that already because every time I have a contraction, I feel it in my lower back, just like with Elena and Sebastian.  Why, if my kids aren't breech, they feel the need to be posterior?  Why? 
6.  Yes, I'm in a complaining mood, and yes, as someone commented to me on Facebook, every day past your due date feels like a week.  I wouldn't care that much except my Mom is coming on Monday and I would really like to have the baby before then.  If he goes 10 days over due like Nicolas, she'll have come and gone.  Ruff.
7.  In other news, poor Nicolas, he came out to the backyard with me, and I dutifully sprayed him with mosquito repellant, but I didn't wipe any on his face (my hands were dirty) and within five minutes he had 7 mosquito bites in a 3 inch area on one side of his face. It makes me sad just to look at him.
8.  Elena, Isabel and Sebastian just informed Leo and I that they are running away and are going to eat grass to stay alive. But not until AFTER we go to Canada next summer. And when we asked if they'd miss us, they said Leo and I could come too, in fact, Leo could drive. Hee. Hee.
9. Yes, all that was posted on Facebook, but I am lazy, and I want to go do other things, like sew and clean up my sewing room plus vacuum the entire house.  I was planning on letting the vacuuming go today because I'm tired, but I hate an unvacuumed house when all the other Saturday's chores have been done.
10.  Here I'll add some throwback pictures, just so this post is a wee bit entertaining.

Ha. Ha. Kayli kills me in this photo.

11.  And some more.
12.  You should all put down your guesses for the weight and length of this straggler baby.  And we're kind of still looking for boys names, so you could offer suggestions for that too.

13. I have done other things this week.  I took the kids swimming twice, and I read much too late into the night several times and have read more books in the last two weeks than in the last 6 months.  

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