Sunday, 6 July 2014

Busy Busy Fun

1. First of all, it was Isabel's birthday this week!!!  She turned 6.  I can't believe it.  She denies it too actually, mostly because she says she doesn't want to go to school.  Crazy girl.
She was pretty happy with her presents, despite wanting Elsa and Anya from Frozen and not getting them.  (I did warn her beforehand that they are no where to be purchased.)

 2. This is the very specific cake Isabel wanted.  She told me she wanted a double layer cake with pink frosting and green and red sprinkles and strawberries all over the top and around the bottom.  Only I frosted it while she was at a friend's house and then she screamed and cried hysterically when she got home because I hadn't added the right colors of sprinkles and it wasn't as tall as she wanted.  She got a bit of a talking too, and was allowed to add more sprinkles, and she was happy with it after all.

 3. What could be better than a barbie that has a ballerina, princess, fairy, AND mermaid outfits all included?!?!?!
 4. She also wanted a tea set.
5. And Elena was really sweet and wanted to make her a jewelry box, so I helped her glue gun this felt creation together.  Isabel loved it!  Isabel also chewed out Ana for not getting her a present.  We had a little chat about that too.  

6.  Here's Isabel and her friend Abby who just moved back to Boise.  Isabel was desperate for a picture together with her and bugged me and Abby's mom every day at swim team about it till Dawn (Abby's mom) took a picture.  I never remembered too.  Oops.  All my kids miss their family so much.  Elena and Isabel always smothered the older boys Jacob and Zane (12 and 8 yrs old) in hugs and said they planned on marrying them.  I'm okay with that.  They're so nice.  ;)
7. Ana went to the Meet of Champs for swim team and took home an 8th place in back stroke.  She also took home the 110% award for her age group in girls.  I love that!  Awesome award to receive.
8.  On Wednesday, we went to the swim team end of the year party.  It was lots of fun and the kids swam till 10 PM.  I just sat and ate food.  Ana made two different potato salads-my Mom's recipe and a German potato salad recipe that I love--to take (since she's on making dinners) and they were both scraped clean.  
9. Isabel chose garlic bread and bean with bacon soup (hee hee) as her birthday dinner so Ana didn't have to cook that night or on Friday when we went to a friend's house for a barbecue.
10.  Yes, on Friday we went to our friends, Vickie and Dan's house for 4th of July.  I made marshmallow brownies, and a strawberry-blueberry-white chocolate pie to take.  And I made home-made root beer.  It turned out delicious! But it tasted more like a root beer cream soda than the really strong root beer that I really love.  Still delicious though.  Next time I'll add less water and vanilla.
We had hot dogs and the kids and the dads swam in the pool and then we went to this person's house in our stake that apparently spends thousands of dollars on fireworks every year, and watched a pretty amazing fireworks show in their cul-de-sac along with a hundred other people or so.  Sweet!  I forgot to take my camera though.
11.  Saturday we cleaned the house and I am totally nesting.  I made Leo help me fix all these things that have been piling up for months.  I also got my hospital bag ready to go.  And Leo vacuumed our van and we put the new carseat in.  Wow!  It's funny how something like that can make it seem all of a sudden real that soon we'll have a new baby.  
12.  I also got a book from the library and read till 4 AM on Thursday night.  Oops.  I have no self control and it was a very nice break.  
13.  Our printer isn't printing.  But it will make copies and printed a test page no problem.  That's really irksome.    
14.  The kids were convinced by Ana on Saturday that they desperately needed a fish.  So we went to the pet store on Saturday afternoon and Isabel, Sebastian, and Elena pooled their money and bought two female betta fish.  Only they don't like each other so we have to take one back, even though the females are supposed to get along.  The kids love it!  So exciting.  It's name was Marissa last night but I think the name has changed since then.  


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Kayli said...

That was funny. Happy birthday Isabel! What book was it? I need to call you.