Sunday, 27 July 2014

Jubal's Baby Blessing

 Jubal had his baby blessing today.  We had it so soon so Grandma would be here for it.  And my cousin Kandi came with her husband Matt and two of their daughters and a friend.  It was so nice to have family here.  I loved it!  It was really funny because Bishop Miner was announcing the baby blessing next, and he said his name and that I had him on Tuesday and that on Thursday he was already hanging out with the ward at the Pioneer Day Picnic and munching down a couple hotdogs.  Hee. Hee.
 Sebastian was not being cooperative for pictures.  Another funny tidbit for you, at the hospital we filled out his name on the birth certificate paperwork just before we left because we were still debating on the name.  The lady typed it up and had us check it, and Leo looked it over and made this startled face and exclaimed, "Wait! What??!?" The lady looked completely shocked and I had to keep reassuring her that he had been joking.
 Dad also called to ask Jubal's boot size, because he figured he needed some cowboy boots.  He was worried 13eee boots wouldn't be big enough.
One of our friends, Curtis, came to us after sacrament and was raving about our awesome name choice.  He said he was going go home and reread all the Sacketts again because it inspired him so much.  Kandi was laughing later on when I had to repeat his name a couple times to a different person and it was obvious she (not Kandi, the lady asking) didn't like it.  Kandi said that when she told people her daughter Indiana's name, that she could always tell whether they liked it or not, and that Jubal would be our name like that.  Good times.

Leo's work sent these adorable cookies to us at the hospital (too bad they didn't taste as good as they looked.)

Leo bought me the roses, and then one of the CNA's gave me the happy face vase roses because it was "Make someone smile" week and she said I was always smiling and that made her happy so she gave it to me, plus she said she thought my kids would like the happy face.  :)
 And my other two crazy boys.  I love them!


The Haws Family said...

He is SOOOOOOO cute in that blessing outfit! !!! I just LOVE it! And I can't believe you have six kids.

Andrea said...

Beautiful pictures! Handsome baby. And just like that, Lando is all grown up. It always happens but it always amazes me. I'm glad you are feeling well enough to be doing all those things. There's nothing as wonderful as a new baby in the house!!

PS Harriet is my name that people can't quite hide their dismay.

Kayli said...

Oh!!! What a cute little boy! So dapper!

I love the pictures of SeaBass and Lando too.

Wish I could have come! :(