Monday, 14 July 2014

Dresses for Andrea

I don't think I ever posted these.  But I made my sister Andrea's girls' a few more dresses.  This one for Harriet was made from leftovers of Miriam's orange dress and from Ethne's dress last year.  It was incredibly simple.  Sometimes I wonder why I don't sew more simple things more often.  Anyway, I made the dress in two hours start to finish during nap time, and then the pinafore after the kids went to bed that night in about an hour and a half.  Easy breezy.  But so cute.  Just as a side note, the orange buttons on the back of the pinafore are from Grandma Walburger.  I love that.  And Harriet is just adorable.

More pictures of Harriet.  And if you're really interested, here's the review on the pattern.

Miriam's dress was a lot more complicated.  But Andrea and Miriam picked out the fabric and pattern and mailed it to me.  And do you see those contrasting bands at the waist? Those are why I invested in Fasturns.  I love my Fasturns.  So worth it.  I just used them again last night.  They are amazing! Anyway, I'll try to spare you the boring details of me making this dress, but if you want you can read all the details here on my review.    And here are more pictures of Miriam.

The end.

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