Saturday, 8 February 2014

Thurdsday's 13 on Saturday.

1. Yep.  My resolution only lasted one week. Things have been like that lately. But at least this is late rather than nonexistant.

2. Nicolas is sick, sick, sick.  Leo and I finished cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms yesterday so that we could go to the temple this morning and be back before noon.  Instead we woke up to Nicolas screaming before our alarm even went off and he hasn't lifted his head off one of our shoulders this entire morning.  Temple trip cancelled.

3. Nicolas did smile and act happy once this morning when I started playing Brazilian soccer commercials for him.  He happily smiled and said, "Ball, ball...." But eventually not even that cheered him up.

4.  I did get most of the mending done this week.  Only two more things to fix.  One of which is a pirate vest that shredded in the wash after we took pictures at the beach over a year ago.  Yes, that IS how long it takes me to do the mending.  It's kind of nice though, I didn't have to fix a couple of pairs of pants because Isabel has grown out of them.  And the four pairs of pants of Elena's and Isabel's that currently have holes, I'm ignoring because they were not on my mending pile.  Any good tips to keep velveteen from shredding/fraying?  I think I cut the seam allowances too close.  But if I remember correctly, I barely had enough fabric and didn't have the proper seam allowances to begin with.

5.   I am so sick of gray dreary weather!!!  I NEED SUNSHINE!!!!  I need to buy one of those sun lamps.   Blah, looking out the window it's just flat gray skies, like it has been the last couple of weeks.

6. I'm teaching a beginning sewing class starting in March for our stake.  I'm a lot nervous about it.  Not really the teaching part that I'm worried about, just that I won't be able to round up enough help, so that we can give individual help once the teaching part is over.

7.  Leo wanted a new profile picture for his linked in account. This is the result.  Hee. Hee.  Which, by the way, does anyone have any good contacts in the Colorado, NM or Vernal UT, that would like to hook us up with a oil engineering job?  We so want to move out of Texas and back closer to family.

8.  Ha. Ha.  It's ten AM and I'm in bed typing this.  I'd feel pathetic except most of the morning I was holding Nicolas and I did finish the bathrooms yesterday.  I guess I could get up and exercise....

9.  Leo and I should find out this Wednesday if we're having a boy or a girl.  Elena and Ana want a boy, while Isabel and Sebastian want a girl.  I just wish I could find a name I REALLY like for either.  Runner-ups for girls include: Louisa Fay (probably my fave), Amelia Fay (Leo's favorite), or maybe Leona or Olivia.  Alice is still one of my favorite names too.  For boys, Leo likes Ruben.  (Me not so much.) And I like Oliver Andres. Ackk!  I need some more boy options.  I liked Lorenzo quite a bit, but Leo HATED that.  Too bad for him it's my turn to choose this time! Any suggestions?

10. Isabel has been singing "Let it Go" non-stop.  It's so adorable.  My current favorite song, is Skyfall, from the James Bond movie.  Yeah, I know, weird.  But it's fun to sing to.

11.   Sebastian said the other day, "I can't wait till it's winter and it snows!!!"  And so I said, "It is the middle of winter, it just doesn't snow here."  Then he said, "I want to move to Grandma's house!" Poor boy.  No snow.

12.  Today we plan on decorating mailboxes from Target for Valentine's Day.  Totally stole the idea from my friend Jerusha's facebook post.  Good thing she's on top of things.

13.   I talked about a show last week for my last 13th thing, so I guess I will this week too.  I am so excited for Jan 2015!!!!!!!  When the new Sherlock season comes out.  I love that show.  Here's a link to this season for anyone who cares to watch online.  Although you really should start with season 1 and 2 first.

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