Thursday, 20 February 2014

Sew, Sew, Sew

I'm so excited to have my sewing machine up and running again.  I just (mostly) finished a dress for my niece Miriam today, and I washed the fabric I bought last year for Easter dresses for my two little girls.  And then I had Leo help pick out the dresses to make.  I was thinking I was bored with the 50's.  But umm, I guess not.  Here's my inspiration dresses for the dresses I plan on making them.

1950's Cotton Sun Dress.  Love the dots!

vintage 1950s dress . cotton floral . shirred waist . 3532

I think I really just want to make ME the green one.  But, I don't think I'll carry the look well 6 months pregnant.  Besides I have FOUR new maternity dress patterns just begging to be made.

In other sewing news, I need help once again making up my mind on what to sew for Halloween this year.  Yes, I realize I haven't posted pictures yet of the little girls' AMAZING outfits from last Halloween, but I'm waiting for the azaleas to bloom.  Soon.  It will be soon.  But on to this year's Halloween.

There's only two options.

1.  1840s clothing.  So many uses--pioneer day, the Dickens Market in Galveston if we're still here this Christmas, etc, etc.  I really want a Victorian bonnet.  Really.    Date Made: 1845-55  Description:  Dress; child's, pink and white striped cotton dress with ivory rick-rack trim on short sleeves and neckline.Girl's red and white voile dress, c. 1830-1850.  This is the one to make for the girls!
So something like the above two dresses for the little girls.
Dress, 1841, American, silk. Met
 And something a bit like this for me.   Or this.
Yellow printed cotton dress, American, ca. 1844.

 But the boys clothes are SO boring.  Blah.

Option #2:

Medieval Clothes.  I know, I've already made Renaissance outfits before.  But this would be PRE-Renaissance.  Knights and Camelot and that sort of stuff.  Something like this:

Because I already have the patterns, and I think my boys would love armor to dress in. I could make it up awesome, promise.  Like this:

But then I'm stumped for the girls.  They already have princess dresses galore.  Maybe a cote-hardie?
   Sideless Surcote—A woman's over-gown cut away at the sides from under the arms to the hips to show the cote-hardie or kirtle underneath; it was usually worn with a plastron at the front of the figure. It remained as a ceremonial dress for women during the latter of this period.Picture perfect if you are going for real classic medieval ! The shape, colours, over all print of a simple heraldic symbol, the belt, silly long sleeves, fur trim even pointed shoes. You could take any element of this and it would feel medieval.Cotehardie- a bit more period aside from the detachable tippets.Cotehardie armoriée (cotehardie with house crest). Note also the blue at her elbows.
I kind of really like the two colored heraldic ones.  I just don't know that I could get my girls to go for it.  Although Elena wasn't keen on being a princess till  she got compliments on  her dress at school. 

What do you think?
Make the Victorian outfits *cough--for me--cough* or the knights for the boys?  And do I just make whatever for the girls if they don't want either?  Sigh.  I so loved them all to be matching. 

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