Sunday, 23 February 2014

Another week

1. Here's the delicious Valentine's dinner we had.  I told you it was good. 
2.  On Tuesday night I had just settled down to fold 7 batches of laundry while watching three episodes of Call the Midwife, when Nicolas tripped and fell against our brick fireplace.  As soon as I saw it, I knew he needed stitches.  So off to the urgent care I went.  Only it closed at 9 PM, instead of 11 PM like my pediatrician had told me, and so then I drove to Texas Children's Hospital, only they had a three hour ER wait, so I went next door to the Methodist hospital, and I was in and out in an hour and half.  Lesson learned.  DON'T go to Texas Children's, not because they aren't good, just because the wait is abominably long. 
3.  See, does Lando even care?  No, he stopped crying withing 2 minutes of falling.  And didn't even cry when they stuck him with the first needle--only when they started injecting the lidocaine did he start to cry.  And then he stopped as soon as they stopped.  He's tough--what can I say.  All the nurses and the doctor commented on how low-key he was. 

4. Elena and Isabel were dancing the other night.  Wowsers.  Those two are impressive dancers.  They certainly didn't get their moves from me.  It's so cute now because Nicolas sings with them and dances with them. 

5. You can see the stitches really well in this one. I took them out today.  I love taking stitches and staples out.  So fun. 

6.  I finished Miriam's dress and mailed to her, and Andrea already has it, but has she sent me a picture yet????!?!?!?  NO!!!!!  Andrea, if you expect the other dresses, I expect a picture in the next hour!!!! 

7.  I made Leo email a bunch of his cousins today to ask for pictures for a photo album I want to make his grandparents of all their descendents.  Am I crazy to start still another project?  Yes. Yes I am.

8. Friday we spent all day raking leaves and pulling weeds.  I really hate the perpetually green oak trees in our yard--all five of them.  They don't lose their leaves all at once, just constantly little by little throughout the winter.  So you can't just rake once and be done with it. Sigh.  However, we'll probably only rake once.  I would much rather rake outside than clean the bathrooms though.

9.  I love Relief Society in my ward.  They just have quarterly activities with amazing food, a speaker with a short and sweet message, and the rest of the time we eat and chat. Perfect.  And there's a lady, Cynthia, in my ward who volunteers to decorate for each one, and it looks amazing each time.  Nicer than a lot of wedding receptions I've been too.  Anyway, I have to admit that I like pretty things and really like to see how she decorates each time.

10.  I'm thinking of taking my kids to the junior high play, The Music Man. It's a shortened version, and two kids in our ward have lead parts.  I really want to take them to a play, and the fact that it's shortened is enticing.  However, the fact that it's the junior high, makes me doubt the quality.  Hmm, what to do?

11.  Why am I asking you all?  NOBODY replied when I asked about Halloween costumes last week.  Ruff. 

12.  Sebastian's birthday is coming up, I hope his present gets here in time.

13.  Ana's birthday is coming up too.  She'll be 14 and able to go to dances, only she probably won't. Last night there was a stake dance but she went to her friend's house with a bunch of kids, because nobody wanted to go to the dance.  Too boring.  Something is terribly wrong with this generation.  Sigh. 


Andrea said...

Lando--you're the man.

Kayli said...

I love Lando's cheesy scrunch-nose smile!!!

Lynn said...

No. 11 - I don't want to be connected or responsible in any way for the stress you are about to go through making your Halloween costumes. lol!!

Can't wait to see what you end up with!!