Thursday, 1 August 2013

Welcome to Hogwarts!

 All of my children got Hogwarts letters this spring!!!  It was awesome but they didn't know much about Harry Potter and so then I read them the first two books and then they were SUPER excited.  Isabel was sorted into Ravenclaw.
 Sebastian was Gryffindor!
 Nicolas didn't want to be sorted, but he was Gryffindor.
Leo was also Gryffindor!!
My awesome brother Wyatt who planned the reunion with his amazing wife!
 Elena was Syltherin.
 Ana was Syltherin too.
I was hoping for Ravenclaw but was sorted into Gryffindor. 
 Lindsay Ann who planned all the Harry Potter things and made the hat!
 Then of course there was a Charms class.
And potions class.
Potions was a lot of kids' favorite class.  We had wandmaking and they got to visit Diagon Alley to buy their supplies as well as Hogsmeade for candy shopping.
And of course, Quidditch!!!!

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