Monday, 29 July 2013

Carnival Birthday

 The first Saturday we were there, my sister Amy planned a carnival birthday party for ALL the summer birthdays.  Her son Chad was baptized in the morning then after we went and played games and ate food.  Which reminds me, I NEED those delicious recipes.  So good.  I think fun=eating in my Rasmussen family.

 Here's the July birthdays: Jethro and Isabel.
 And the August birthdays.
 And the June birthdays.
 This picture is just random in here, but I thought it was so cute.  It's my three nephews, Wyatt, Oskar, and Will.  Nicolas is just 6 months or so older than them so he should be in this picture too, but we forgot.

 Ahhh...I bet that's the sweetest picture you've ever seen with someone wearing a clown nose and glasses disguise.

And Elena is awesome as always with her expressions.

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Andrea said...

My goodness, that Oskar is adorable!