Sunday, 4 August 2013

Projects from this last week

 I repainted a little kitchen that some friends had given us.
I repainted a bed that I bought for the girls, it's a trundle bed, and had been white before.

I can't wait till next year sometime when I finish their quilts (exactly like this one--same fabric and everything.  Gosh, I can't believe what a copy cat I am.  But I adore this quilt.) 

And I stained a board to make a new growth chart. (This isn't mine, mine will be just like it though).  I made one before but I had bought a cheap board and it warped and bows out from the wall.  It really bugged me.  So a new one was in order.

I also canned 28 quarts or peaches and made 4 batches of peach jam.  This week was crazy busy.  I also ate a lot of chocolate.  This week I plan on painting the girls' dressers.  Wish me luck!

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