Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Welcome back to the hot humid South!!!!

 My welcome back committee to Houston!!!  A dead and rotting gecko on my fireplace.  Joy.
 And of course, our friendly neighbor the opossum who keeps living little brown presents for us in our garage.  Anyone have ideas to, well, get rid of vermin?
 I saw the little nasty opossum while taking cookies to my actual neighbors.  I had to bake bread today, and so I thought that scones would be perfect for dinner and since I was deep frying anyway, I thought I should try out my new kitchen gadget (I promise! That was my train of thought, not the reverse.) that I bought at Kitchen Kneads in Ogden Utah---seriously, it's the best store ever!  I simply couldn't resist this because they make pretty Scandinavian Rosette cookies.  What's not to love?  They're basically deep fried crepes with powdered sugar.  I am apparently incapable of taking pretty food pictures so here's one where I got the recipe I used.
I added 1/4 of tsp of cardamon too.  Just because cardamon is fun to say.
See my awesome new set!!  I mastered it!  Yes!  However, my bread between the scone-making and cookie-making was left forgotten, so it fell and then it got baked so long it's barely edible.  Oops.  Maybe multi-tasking has it's down sides.

In other news, Utah was amazing!!!  We had so much fun.  I will be posting tons of amazing pictures soon.  I promise.  But for now, goodnight.

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Lynn said...

I am impressed with your cookie making! Such patience. So pretty.