Sunday, 10 February 2013

What I've been up to

This week has flown by.  I've been so incredibly busy.  I started going to a quilting class that ladies in our stake are teaching.  And I made my very first quilt blocks ever.  One turned out with perfectly exact measurements, and one...did not.  I don't think I'll show that one, because I don't care to redo it and they'll probably tell me to.  Quilting is a little too precise for me, I think.
This is the quilt I'll be making though.

I also had a call from a desperate sister, and so I ended up spending several evenings going into late at night working on making a bunch of posters, flyers, signs, t-shirt designs, etc for Amy's kids' school carnival.  But she said she would pay me in hand-me-down clothes, so that's okay.  Amy's clothes have made up the bulk of my wardrobe since middle school and are always welcome!

I've also managed to watch a season and a half of.....

It's probably the best show ever.  Although I miss the 1910's fashion.  1920's are so blah.  I watched the first season right when it first came out on Netflix, and then I missed when the second season was posted on PBS, so I had to wait for it to come out on Netflix.  And then I started the 3rd season finally!  Let's just say that I was sobbing hysterically last night, umm, several times.  

Don't judge me too much for my overindulgence of television this week--I stayed busy almost the whole time!  I also cut out two dresses, one for Isabel and one for Elena. I sewed up quite a bit of my denim quilt, and I spent, seriously, 16 hours or so trying to fit a dress to me.  (So what if it might have gone a little faster if I hadn't been watching Downton!)  I shed a few tears over the fitting too.  But I think I finally have got it!!!!  All my adjustments, and I made notes.  I plan on having a new dress by next Sunday.  Wish me luck!  

If you ever need sewing help, here's a few good sites: (She lives in SLC and teaches sewing classes, I so wish I could take a few!)

Again, what would I do without the internet??!?!?!??  

I planned on making some cute Valentine's Day decorations but a new dress is more important right?  Leo didn't even complain at all about the time I've spent, I think he's excited for me to have a new dress so I don't freak out anymore on Sunday morning when I don't have any clothes that fit.  Well, I do, but they're all winter clothes mostly, and the two week of winter in early January have come and long since passed.  It's in the 70's here!  So, a summer dress will be so welcome.  

And we went and looked at a bunch of houses to buy.  Yeah, that's come to naught so far.  

Oh, and a couple weeks ago I finally made a wonder oven at a stake preparedness class.  And I've used it once and it worked fabulous.    Thanks Lynn for suggesting that all those many years ago.  I never would have done it otherwise, and it's so handy!

And just to liven this up a bit, some cute pictures of Nicolas and Sebastian.


Lynn said...

Well you are more handier...talented..... than me! I couldn't manage to do a single thing while watching Downton Abbey.....other than sit on a spin bike and spin away. lol.

Glad you got a wonder box made and using it! It really is the best thing ever. I have two now and I still use them all the time. As you know, they work like amazing over -sized bean pots or slow cookers. Without heating up the house! Enjoy your summer you've obviously got now. So jealous. ; D

Kayli said...

I can't believe how much STUFF you do. I do nothing. Well, actually I like to call it 'relaxing', but you know...