Monday, 29 October 2012

How to make a Corset (18th Century Stays)

Here's my quick guide to making a corset. I used Butterick 4254 and I was making 18th century stays.  The pattern itself explains things well, this is actually more a quick tips guide.
  #1:  Draw all the lines on your lining.  Makes it so much easier to sew.
#2:  Don't use interfacing, just use two layers of heavy home decor/upholstery fabric, twill or duck.  

#3:  Sew the two sets of interlining to the lining and fashion fabric.  It's like making a sandwich really--fashion fabric, interlining, interlining, lining.  In the picture above you can see my fashion fabric backed with the interlining, and below it, the lining backed with the interlining.

#4: Then I use these Heavy-Duty Cable Ties to bone the corset.  Much less expensive and easier to work with than steel.  Or so I've been told. I've never actually used steel.
#5: I cut them to length with a razor blade and label them with a sharpie.  
So eventually you have this.
#6:  Then I lay the boning out in numerical order so as I sew, I can easily just grab the ones I need. Plus in this pattern you sew them in numerical order starting with one.  Easy peasy.
#7:  I have no good tips for you on how to sew on the bias tape.  Anybody have good tips for me?
And you're done!

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Oh yeah!!!----- Easy peasy!!!hahahaha