Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Another self portrait (attempt two)

So  you may be thinking what is this mess? The den of some crazed loony?

Or the workspace of a sewing genius?  Well, it's the result of me spending two days cutting out the last of the pirate costumes. It was a disaster area for a while--literally. I should have posted a sign, "Straight pin mine zone." But the results were nice. To give you a sneak peak to Halloween, here's my self-portrait.
It's my previous renaissance dress, (which tore in the bodice--no dirty thoughts now about bodice ripping) now bodice-less and hence a skirt.  Perfect for a pirate wench.  And my Marie Antoinette inspired wig.  It's grey and kind of crazy, but it's look fits the time period, despite being labeled a "banshee" wig.  And what pirate wench had perfectly coifed Marie Antoinette hair anyway?  (Plus, this wig was half the price of the Marie Antoinette ones.)  And it's my sole new accessory.  Everyone else got a pirate sword or pistol. Sorry the photos are blurry.  Oh, and I think I scarred Sebastian for life taking him into the Halloween store.  He got scared and was sobbing that terrified crying that is so sad.  I really hate all the nasty, gory stuff people decorate/dress up with on Halloween.  I mean I love a little spookiness, and I enjoy the witches and ghosts and ghouls of the friendly sort, but I really HATE any horror-related stuff.  Yuck.  So now off to bed I go. Food menus, not planned for the month. Oops.  But I did figure out how to freely load my pictures from Google+ to here.  Although I think there ought to be an easier way since it's all Google anyway.
See proof my hair is time period correct.  For the most part.  The first two paintings are of Marie Antoinette.  (Okay, so that's the end of the 1700's while really the rest of the pirate clothes are loosely 1600's in style.  Good thing I don't care and I'm not some re-enactor historically-accurate-nut.  I'm just nutty enough to know I'm not historically accurate.  Whatever.)  I was going to bed wasn't I?


Lynn said...

You are awesome. Love it!

Oh...and totally agree on your thoughts regarding Halloween horror stuff. Ick.

The Haws Family said...