Monday, 29 October 2012

Oodles of pictures of Lando

 I love his Sunday outfit!  Thanks again Kayli for the hat.  Every Sunday at least two or three people ask me if I made it.
 Look at those chubby hands!!  His hands are chubbier than Sebastian's ever were.

He is so happy all the time.  And so ticklish!  I love it.

 He even survives this without crying.  Isabel thinks this is THE way to get a baby to smile.  Poor boy.
 He's like--"Mom why do you let her near me?!?!?"
 Oh, I love my chubby little rolly polly boy!!!

He seriously has the cutest grin ever!  And he smiles whenever you take the time to smile at him.  What could be nicer?

Except for sometimes he is serious.  Mostly about eating, that kid is eats regular as clockwork.  I want to go squeeze him right now!


Kayli said...

awwww he looks so cute in his hat!!!! Although he doesn't look like HE'S that thrilled about it. :)

On the first picture on your other post with him and Elena, Talmage laughed and said, "It looks like he's squished! Is he squished?"

Anonymous said...

Kami - he is a chubby guy and his smiles are so cute!!!
He has bear paws like Myles and Cowen and your Dad.
What a cutey!!

jt said...

I love that first yawning picture. Adorable.

Andrea said...

LOVED the yawning picture. His hands remind me of Cowen. Lando is all boy. Love it.

PS Miriam is flying through her Rosetta Stone Spanish and she LOVES it. She can roll her 'r's and she practices pronunciation with her dad. So . . . move somewhere SAFE and spanish-speaking and SAFE and I'll send Miriam for a two week Spanish study abroad to your house. It will be awesome. But only if it is SAFE by my definition, not yours. :)