Sunday, 1 July 2012

Isabel's Birthday!

 Yes, I know it's a bit early for her birthday, but that's the nice thing about little kids.  You can switch up the days due to crazy schedules and they don't mind a bit.
 Um, yeah.  This cake is a bit sad, I'm not that great of a cake decorator. But all Isabel said she wanted was a pink cake with marshmallows, and I forgot the marshmallows.  But that's okay because Isabel LOVED it!!!  She thought it was beautiful.  
 Elena was excited too.
 Leo not so excited of me taking his picture.
 And the presents were perfect.  I love buying presents, (usually), it's so fun, because I knew she would love them!
 And she does!  A parasol, a lacy fan, a feather boa and a crown.  
Plus the barbie in the cake.  Isabel said, "This is the best day ever!!!"


Anonymous said...

Kami - love the cake! It turned out perfect for a 4 year old ----- and me. Looks like she did love her presents. Hey - Leo can lift one eyebrow like Dad!!!!
Dad says he taught him......aahahahhahahahhaha!
Love you. Love your hair Ana in the other pic!!!! Hey Ana Call me and play me your piano piece ok!!!!!
Mom R

Andrea said...

Kami, sweet cake and fun birthday present ideas. You ARE AWESOME.

Natalie said...

I'm glad you were able to decide about the presents. They look perfect for her! And the cake is AWESOME! Any ideas for Candace's cake? She says she doesn't care this year. I'm trying not to have my feelings hurt. :)

Lynn said...

Awesome cake!!!

Happy Happy Birthday Isabel!