Monday, 9 July 2012

July 4th

We went up to Leo's parents' house in Georgetown for the 4th, but mostly we spent the day at his Aunt Yani's.  (I know I'm terrible at taking pictures, I need to take pictures of the kids with their great-grandparents, and I keep forgeting.)  Anyway, it was a fun day.  We spent the morning at the pool.  And then went back to Yani's for a bbq.  Delicious!  Then in the afternoon, after my kids had about driven their dog berserk with the constant petting and being carried around, we went to this park.  

Where they spent a good portion of the time playing pirates.

 Leo's pirate face?  I guess.
 Here Leo has captured Isabel, and is about to decapitate her.  Poor Isabel.
 Another scary pirate face.
 Oh, and Isabel's scary pirate face.  You can't tell from this picture really, but she broke out in a rash all over on the day we were there.  I think it was from the two dogs (My mother-in-law, Martha, has a dog inside, and Yani has a dog inside too.)
 I was cutting out sewing patterns (yes, I'm obsessed) but then Sebastian wanted to swing, so I pushed him for a good twenty minutes.  He would stay on the swings all day.

 Ana had been playing basketball with Yani and Bill and Nicholas, but it was HOT!  And they only lasted so long in the sun.

 Ah, cute kids.
 Nicholas, Daniel, Elena, and Sebastian being pushed in the swings by Leo.  I had retreated to my park bench by then.  (Come on, give me a break for being lazy--I am 9 months pregnant.)
 Elena is still trying to get the hang of pumping her legs on the swing.  Funny girl.
 We went on an "adventure" which included getting prickly pears from cactuses (resulting in Leo being stuck with the thorns) and me having them climb a tree for pictures.
 Elena was not happy about that, and refused to look at me for any of the pictures.
 Nicholas, Leo and Ana.  These were the ones setting up our fireworks later that night.  Good times.  I love fireworks, but Elena and Isabel went inside because they were frightened.
 Jenga block towers.  That's the latest rage at our house.  Bill and Yani gave us their Jenga game after my kids played with them for so long.
Elena and Isabel.  Man, they look so big to me in this picture.  Why don't they stay small?

In other news this week, we spent four hours at the pool on Saturday with our friends.  It was a beach pool complete with sand, and it somewhat mollified Leo's burning desire to go to the beach.  Too bad we spent all our gas money going to Georgetown, no beach this month.  :(

I gave a talk to the combined YM/YW today on Family History work.  I made a Powerpoint presentation for it (it was originally going to be a fireside) and I think it went well.  Powerpoints take a long time to make.

My Aunt Melodie and Uncle Montey and cousin Tad stopped by on Friday. Well, we picked them up during a long layover from flying from Argentina to Canada.  Tad just finished his mission.  It was fun to see them and we went out to BBQ at Rudy's.  Anybody want to come visit us, it's definitely good BBQ.  How Texas can we get, right?

And that's it.  Chao till next week.

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