Sunday, 15 July 2012


 Yes, I dressed us all up as cows to get a free meal at Chick-fil-a on Friday.  It was worth it just because of how excited Elena was about dressing up as a cow.  Also Sebastian was pretty thrilled to see the Chick-fil-a cow.  And it was a whole meal--any item on the menu plus fries and drink.  Sweet deal I say.  The place was packed and there were many other cow costumes.  It was fun. (Ana's not with us because she spent all afternoon and evening at a friend's house.)
 Elena drew this picture of Leo last Sunday in church.  I thought it was pretty cute.
And this is the picture of me.  She nailed the red dress and red dangling earrings.  But she said I had an accident putting on my lipstick.  Hee. Hee. This Sunday, Elena said she was going to be good and listen to all of sacrament meeting.  And oh my goodness--she was!!!  She sat quietly on her chair for the entire hour, she wouldn't look at books or color, because she was determined "to be good."  But every once in a while she would tell me that "it is so hard when I see Isabel and Sebastian playing."
I think she was more reverent than me.  

Other highlights of this week, I've almost finished Nicolas's baby book.  Leo did a lot of yard work on Saturday.  We went to the movie, Pirates: Band of Misfits, at the dollar theater on Saturday night, and Sebastian managed to hold the bite of lettuce that he didn't want to eat in his mouth the entire time.  When we left the theater, we decided he won this round and let him spit it out.  The movie was okay.  Not that great though.  

The kids are done with swimming lessons.  I'm so happy, I hate spending half the day running to different places.  

Isabel's quote of the week (for non-Facebookers) 
Isabel: "That's not pretty, Mom. It's not pink and it doesn't have sparkles, so it's not pretty. It's cute." 


Natalie said...

Cute costumes! Way to go. James and I laughed a lot about the way you said Chick-Fil-A on our answering machine. :) Call me sometime this week. I'm all alone and missing James.

Kayli said...

That family picture is the best ever!!! Me and all the kids laughed. Too bad Ana's not there.