Monday, 30 April 2012

Yesterday's Post Today

I was going to blog yesterday, but I burnt two of my fingers pretty bad at dinner time, and was still in too much agony to type last night.   I was just going to write a few things anyway. So here's my tidbits from yesterday.

  • Isabel stuck her hand in a red ant hill walking into church yesterday.  Her screams were deafening, and she has a good ten bites all over her hands and arms.  Then today, she stuck her foot in a red ant hill by our garage.  I had significantly less sympathy for her as 1. She wasn't supposed to be outside. 2. She wasn't supposed to be out of the backyard even if she was outside.  3.  She should have learned yesterday to stay out of red ant hills.
  • We had strawberries and whipped cream and crepes for dinner on Saturday night.  They were delicious.
  • I made six batches of strawberry jam last week.  Well, actually 5, I had Ana make one batch.  I love homemade strawberry jam.
  • Leo and I went to the latest Mission Impossible a couple weeks ago.  It was pretty lame, not as good as the 1st or 3rd.  More like the lame 2nd one.
  • Did I mention we live super close to all the best stores?  Sam's Club, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Joanne's, Hancock Fabric and Target (plus Fiesta and H-E-B) are all super close.  Love that.  I know to Utah people that won't seem like a big deal.  But I was worried it would be like Chicago where every store was miles apart.  It made shopping such a pain.
  •  We tried Blue Bell ice cream which is supposedly the *BEST* ice cream ever according to all Texans (we've heard it from lots of people--the very fact that it is mentioned that much, shows the excessiveness of the brand loyalty).  I have to say, I disagree.  I still prefer Tillamook.   I'm sure I'll be branded as a heretic here, but oh well.  I miss my Tillamook.  
  • I bought this magazine recently, and I'm so glad I did!  It really lives up to it's name (of being easy and delicious.)  I've already made three recipes from it and they've all been a hit.  And it already pairs the main dish with a side dish for you, so no effort is involved at all in planning a balanced meal--I usually just add rice or fruit as another side.  Wonderful. Also, it's the spring/summer edition, so all the meals are really light, including a lot of grilled recipes--again perfect for the Texas heat.  Practically all my May menu is coming from here.  Except Kayli's garlic chicken pizza. That's the exception.  So yeah, pick one up if you see it.  
And that's all I had to say.  Not very exciting.  But I have other things to do, so adios mis amigos.


Natalie said...

You mean you have other things to do beside update us on your life? You know how much I live for your blog posts. How can you be so selfish?
We love Tillamook too!
We still miss you guys.
The new neighbors really trimmed the pine tree in your old backyard so now you can actually walk under the tree. It's crazy. Joshua was very disappointed. "Now where can we have our secret hiding place?" (I had to remind him that we aren't unconditionally invited next door anymore.)

Lynn said...

Ouch! Hope your hand is doing much better.

Thanks for that magazine tip. I'm going to have to look that one up!