Monday, 23 April 2012

A Perfect Ending

With all the craziness and hard work of the last couple of weeks, it all finally came to an end. We finished all our chores Saturday morning. We went to the park in the afternoon, where Sebastian chased around a duck with a piece of bread saying, "Eat the sandwich!!" very authoritatively, and I played catch with Ana. And then after baths that evening the kids had popcorn and we watched part of The Jungle Book (the human version). Sunday was so relaxing and the kids (even Ana!) played together great. It was so nice. I wish every weekend was like that.


Natalie said...

They look SO darling sitting on the couch all clean. I love that feeling. :) Good work. We miss you very much.

The Haws Family said...

So awesome Kami! We miss you too!

Kayli said...

Yay for good weekends! Your kids are so cute! Can't wait to meet the next Latorre!