Sunday, 15 April 2012

Kids and House

First, more house pictures.
This is the dining room. Can you tell I tied a big knot in the macrame plant thingy? It was too long. I do love my new Boston Fern though.
And I love, LOVE LOVE having a toy/tv room. Although, it would be nice to have furniture in our living room. Oh well, someday.
And now, for the amazing, disappearing kid trick!

Wow! So exciting. And just FYI, Elena is under the other basket.Elena being cute. She was not so cute in primary when she was bawling hysterically about having to go to class and having a new teacher. Five minutes in the adult Sunday School while not being allowed to talk cured her of that.
Her new dress. I went a little crazy on Ebay. (This is one of 3, or was it 4, dresses I bought her.) So adorable though.
And to think that minutes before she was refusing to let me take her photo.
Ana, all happy. She wore her cowboy boots to church today. Pretty sweet.
Oh, Sebastian. My spoiled rotten child. If only he didn't give such great big hugs, I might be able to resist a little more.
I had his pictures taken on Friday. Oh my goodness. He is so handsome--even the primary secretary at our new ward said he was the cutest boy ever.
Umm, this is the response I get when I try to take Leo's photo.
So we had a little problem of missing frames to Isabel's bed. She and Elena are in a bunk bed now. So I bought a metal frame online, but that didn't work so we sent it back.
Then I was talking to my mom about it, and she said, "Oh for heaven's sake, just have Leo make it. He's an engineer, he can figure it out." So he did.
So now, Isabel has a new 2x4 bed frame.
Fabulous, eh? Leo loved his new saw, by the way. That trading session was pretty sweet.


Andrea said...

Good thing your dining room table isn't wider. It looks like a perfect fit. Love the new plant and plant hanger. My "new" plant is still hanging in there and even has some new leaves. I need more pics of your house so I can get a real sense of where you are now. Miss you.

Great job, Leo!

Natalie said...

What you've done so far looks GREAT! I love the way you've done the walls in the dining room. I agree with Andrea. More pictures please!

Megan said...

I love blogs - I get to hear and see about your move and all the going ons and the house - thanks for all the posts. You look very settled and I like your bed too. Miss you tons!!