Thursday, 12 April 2012

The first house pictures

This was our bathroom for almost two weeks. Our kitchen was put away, our books were put away, the kids' rooms were all organized, but our bathroom looked like this. I tried not to go in there. I HATE HATE HATE when you actually have to start doing normal life stuff, like cleaning the house, or the laundry and you're still unpacking. Unpacking should be complete in one week. Two weeks is just too long.
But this is how it looked when I finally got to it yesterday.

Check out my hats. Sah-weet!
And this is my new bedding (from last year) but the euro pillows are new. This is my happy spot of my room. I love my bedding. Is that silly? It's just that every day when I make my bed, I smile and think how pretty it looks. I think I'm going to add two red throw pillows from India that have mirrors embroidered onto them. Anyway, I'm thinking of spray painting the headboard and footboard black. Amy suggested that to me years ago, (it was her bed back when she was in college) and I never bothered too, but now with the gray walls and my bedding, the green just looks awful. Or I could spraypaint them bright red, to match the red throw pillows I'm adding. What do you all think??? (Okay, the red idea isn't really an option, because Leo would never go for that.)

Okay, and that's all I have for now. The rest of my house is still not in a state to be shown. Have a nice day.


Natalie said...

It looks great, Kami! What about dark blue to match the pillows? They are dark blue, right? But then again you know I have no idea about this kind of thing.

Lynn said...

I agree! What about dark Blue! It would go with the gray walls and your dark blue pillows PLUS look awesome with the red ones you are going to use.

P.S. LOVE all the closet space you have in your bathroom. So cool!! And you know I love white trim. It's all so calming. I too like you bedding.