Saturday, 3 September 2011

Jake's Over the Top

On the way home from my parents' house, we stopped in Ogden (well, first we stopped at Smith and Edward's but I've already blogged about the awesomeness of that store) for Jake's Over the Top.
These are the best shakes ever. No, really. EVER. Of course, from what I've heard, this original restaurant in Ogden makes them better than the chain stores.

I can't verify that as I've never been to one of the franchises. Just the original. I used to ride my bike here when I was in middle school, in fact.
The beauty of it is that you can mix whatever you want in, and they have fresh local fruit when it's in season.
Ana got mint Oreo, Leo got fresh peach and chocolate chip, the little girls ordered plain Oreo, and I ordered my usual: fresh strawberry, fresh raspberry, blackberry, and chocolate chip. It's divine.
They also make some good cheesy fries.
The shakes used to come in two sizes, Junior and Regular, and the junior was more than I could finish in one sitting. Seriously, it was more than a pint of ice-cream. But they've changed it now and the junior is more manageable. (I preferred the insanely huge ones though.)

Ahhh, delicious.

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Kristi said...

yum. we stopped there when we were in Utah and loved it! - oh and we hiked to the wind caves. I almost died. it was hot.