Sunday, 19 March 2017

Sebastian's Shark Birthday Party

Sebastian turned seven, which means he got to have a birthday party.  Yay!!  He really didn't have many ideas of what he wanted besides a piñata (he wanted that for over a year) and then just a month or two before, decided he wanted a swimming party.  Serendipity abounded--they finished the new pool, I got a shark piñata on clearance at Shopko, and so ta-da, a shark themed party came about.  I copied invitations off of pinterest, of course, and copied Megan's awesome birthday cake for Anders, and bought a few favors off of Amazon: a Dover Sharks of the World coloring book, shark teeth necklaces, shark tattoos, and a little squirty shark, and shark candy.  And then the kids just swam, we had cake and juice and broke the piñata, and it was wonderful.  Sebastian loved it.  

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The Haws Family said...

Looks awesome! That pool looks really fun too!