Sunday, 26 March 2017

Beautiful Weather and a Good Week

We had lovely week, the weather was beautiful!  The kids played outside and we went to the park a couple of times.  Ana won her last soccer game a week or so ago, and then her soccer game on Saturday they won 5-0 and Ana scored two goals! Yay!!  I was going to post more photos and a video of Jubal being a ninja, but I accidentally deleted all my stuff on my phone camera--I thought it had already transferred to the computer and yeah, it hadn't. Elena did her 4H presentation on Frodo the crazy dog.  And got her bow to start 4H archery. Ana had friends over Friday and they had a fire in the backyard and roasted marshmallows and then went home after like 1 hour. And that's all I remember from the week.  Sad, eh?  My memory is not that great. Oh I read a book and have been sewing the girls' Easter dresses.   Anyway, it snowed/rained today again, but spring is coming and that is good.

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Kayli said...

More reason for Lando to be my favorite!!!!