Saturday, 11 March 2017

Frodo the Vicious Dog

So last week was kind of crazy.  We had Sebastian throwing up on Thursday night, and then Elena and Leo sick on Friday.  We were supposed to have left early Friday afternoon to go to Utah.  We were going to Eli's baptism and then my cousin Clay's daughter's reception.  I was so excited to go to both!!!  And we were going to drop our dog off a trainer's for a month.  Well, with people sick and my sister Andrea heading to London on Sunday, she did not want us to come to Eli's baptism.  Which is totally understandable.  But we really wanted to take the dog to the trainer's.  So Leo and I decided to go by ourselves to Ogden with Efraim and Frodo. Ana won the jackpot of getting to babysit the rest of the kids.  Luckily, none of them got sick on Saturday (Elena, Sebas and Leo all recovered within a 6 hours or so.) Anyway, we figured if we took any of them and they did get sick that would be a mess in the car and also it would be next to impossible to keep the kids away from Andrea's kids if they were with us.  So Leo and I got to eat Eli's luncheon on Andrea's back porch in isolation.  And then we took our dog to the trainer.  And that's when the day went south.  We got a call within an hour, asking us to come pick Frodo because he was acting aggressive and she was worried he would bite as he was lunging at her and biting at her through the wire fencing.  Joy.  She asked us to buy a muzzle and get him used to wearing it and then bring him back and she'd try again. So that's what we're doing, and if it doesn't work it will mean the end of Frodo's time at our house.  It's pretty upsetting actually, because I like Frodo, and I've already pretty much have him house trained, and trying to convince Leo to ever get another dog is going to be impossible, but I'm not willing to have an aggressive dog that might bite my kids or someone else.  AND yes Frodo DOES act aggressive around other people (like the 10 yr old boy who came over to play yesterday--not cool Frodo, not cool.)  But then Leo took me out for Lee's Mongolian BBQ and a Jake's Over the Top shake, and I got to spend the whole day with Leo. So that was nice.

This was a meal I made last week that's from Tunisia.  It was good, Leo and Ana really liked it.

Lando looks so handsome and big!  Sigh.  He's such a sweetheart and thinks over everything so carefully.

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